What's the story of the COVID 19 Vaccines?Watch now (24 min) | COVID deaths after the introduction of the vaccination campaigns are higher than before. How does this support the claims of effectiveness and millions of lives saved?
Laura Dodsworth interviews the authors - Toby Green and Thomas Fazi
"This is clearly the most failing medical product in the history of medical products, both in terms of EFFICACY and SAFETY" - (and also the…Watch now (6 min) | Professor Retsef Levi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - expert in operational risk analysis of health systems, policies…
UK Statistics Regulator Admits that the Claims Made About COVID "Vaccine" Effectiveness are UnfoundedWatch now (4 min) | Report here from Prof Norman Fenton, appearing on NTD News.
A most palatable synopsis by Abir Ballan
UK govt tacitly admits that the mRNA experiment has failed but they go all out of their way not to say it outright and hide the evidence. Mainstream…
Introducing evidence-based education.
Story from Mercola and video interview.
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Dead Man Talking