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Hugh McCarthy in discussion with Randall Bock, MD about the destructive COVID policies enacted upon society, especially against children.

You should hear this kind of interview on the BBC. The fact that you don't speaks volumes.
Censor Free Zone: "What Are We Doing to Our Children?" by Hugh McCarthy
Hugh McCarthy is a retired Headteacher with 50 years of experience in education. He lectured in leadership at the Ulster University and served on two of N. Ireland's education councils. He is a member of Pandata and Collateral Global.


I have learnt a lot over the last three years. In fact, substantially more than I did in the almost half century before. Perhaps the most important thing I have learnt is that there are basically two types of people in society - those that care and those that don’t.

I make no apology if this seems callous and lacking nuance. It is clear to me. There are incredible people that I have met, like Hugh McCarthy who care. They don’t just talk, they act. Not just selflessly, but often to their personal detriment. Even after decades of building a solid reputation.

I have not many of these people in person but these are the people that I trust over and above many of those with whom I spent my pre-COVID life.

Please watch and listen to this video and tell me that Hugh is not a man of integrity and intelligence. Then ask yourself, what’s in it for him? Then ask yourself, why he has found it so easy to see through all the dishonesty and even tyranny committed by those in public service that get to dominate the narrative.

Then ask yourself, what society do you want to live in? My society, the one with Hugh, and many of the others that he names in this video, is much smaller than the main one. If you aren’t in it, do you really think you have the evidence to demonstrate that yours is the one with honesty and compassion?

Do you wonder why people like Hugh have spent so much of the personal time and energy into building what Mathew Crawford calls their “knowledge scaffold”? Do you think that your “evidence” is as robust and credible as his?

Will you even sit through this hour-long video and tell me that I’m wrong? Maybe it’s his dulcet, Norther Irish tone, but I honestly think this is one of the most watchable and insightful interviews I’ve seen on COVID.

Credit to Randall too - a very well conducted dialogue.

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Dead Man Talking
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