What's the story of the COVID 19 Vaccines?

COVID deaths after the introduction of the vaccination campaigns are higher than before. How does this support the claims of effectiveness and millions of lives saved?

The study shows, based on detailed empirical evidence, that post-vaccination Covid deaths have been 75% higher in the year since C19 vaccine roll-out across the globe. All but a handful of nations have suffered with higher Covid death rates post-vaccination. But the countries that have suffered the most are those that have had the highest rates of vaccination - and associated, draconian mandates.

Narration and Production: Jeff Peel (The New Era)

Content: Joel Smalley

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For those whose cognitive dissonance is still getting the better of their objective rationality:

In other words, if the empirical results are diametrically opposed to your prior expectation, better to re-evaluate your prior expectation than dig for excuses.

Joel Smalley