The first big spike in deaths in 2020 is old people being murdered in care homes with Midazolam and Morphine (thanks Matt Hancock) and the second spike in 2021 is more people being murdered by AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna (quite a few in the younger age bracket) with their death jabs...

I am no data scientist obviously but that's pretty much my interpretation...

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There is nothing natural about the spring 2020 spike. Zero.

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So basically no lockdown = no mass death spike. No ''vaccine'' = no mass death spike. and therefore no pandemic.

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I compared the 2021 data to my recent analysis of German data:



The ominous R99 are much less common in England. There are other curiosities (like Alzheimer's, G30, being diagnosed as cause of death more often in England).

Edit: added the 2020 and 2019 data for England. One effect is similar to Germany: Covid (U07) replaces general pneumonia (J18).

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Yum yum!

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Looking forward to your analysis

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I've mad a quick dashboard to allow you to view by age, sex, and cause of death. I don't know what age "42736" means as DaveHawkins asks. Suggestions welcome! https://public.tableau.com/views/UKDeathsbyCause2014-22/UKDeathsSummary?:language=en-US&publish=yes&:display_count=n&:origin=viz_share_link

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I appreciate Christopher Messina giving me more than 1 hour to talk about Covid issues and my early spread theories.

Messina, who has a background in the finance and business world, now writes on many topics and produces his own podcast, “Messy Times.”

We talked about early spread, virus origination theories and why most people don’t really care about this topic. We ended up talking about Jeffrey Epstein, which is my next Substack piece (if I can get back on-line).


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Scientific cure without big pharma - Stop covid and cancer


PUBLIC COMPLAINT AGAINST GOVERNMENTS 01/12/2022 - Action, legal action


F mn Espionage NATO, the revolutionary engine -


Best regards,

Andrea Salvatore Buffa

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Did you see Jan Jekielek's interview of McCullough and Malhotra on The Epoch Times? If I heard correctly, Malhotra said there were one million adverse event reports associated with the AstraZeneca jab in the Yellow Card System.

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Interactive summary graph at:


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Have I made a mistake when downloading the <england deaths by age and cause.csv> file?

There appears to be 5179 observations where the Age is stated as "42736"

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Do you have the same data for London only?

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Has anyone parsed the file into an Excel spreadsheet in a similar format to the original or latest ONS files. I'm struggling with Excel INDEX and MATCH to sort data and filtering by age?

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Don't forget about the murder by ventilator procedure they're still using in some places. Ventilators don't improve EtcO2 readings, which was the issue most people faced. Laying flat on your stomach on a hard surface forces more air into your system. A weight bench is the perfect thing, but a hard floor will work.

This saved me from going to the ER when I got Covid in March 2020. I learned it from watching the Good Doctor and The Resident TV shows.

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