The most blatant sign of what you're hinting at is Australia, which is having a completely out-of-season spike that wasn't present at all during the first year of the epidemic.

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Grateful for your work! 🙌

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27Jan2022 Associated Press


Yesterday, at a joint press conference, CDC Director Walensky claimed that the VAERS data, which has recorded thousands of mRNA vaccine deaths, is “fraudulent” and hence not worthy of detailed investigation by the CDC or PFDA. In a rare example of interagency coordination (capabilities still a decade removed for the IRS), Walensky, FBI Director Christopher Wray, NIAID Director Tony Fauci, and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki appeared together at the press conference. Walensky first highlighted that (as of January 23) exactly 21,362 deaths had been reported in the VAERS data as a result of C19 vaccines. She was immediately followed at the podium microphone by Wray, who asserted with uncharacteristic government precision that “the FBI has ascertained via our proprietary algorithms that as of January 23rd, the USA domiciles exactly 21,362 computer-literate, white supremacists…” Following an incredulous and unusually silent press corp response, Wray wryly commented, “…YOU do the math.” When questioned about the nearly daily increases in VAERS reported mRNA vaccine deaths, Wray warily responded, “The growth rate we are seeing in new White Supremacists, boosted by the large and active presence in the Michigan Upper Peninsula, perfectly matches the growth rate of VAERS reported mRNA vaccine deaths. The science proves unequivocally, this is NOT a coincidence.” At this point of the press conference Pfauci held up a poster board showing matching parabolic curves highlighting what he later described as, “disturbingly equal rates of exponential growth.” Both Psaki and Walensky pointed at the poster boards and nodded with robotic and scientific precision. Without missing a beat, and in unison, Psaki, Pfauci, Walensky, and Wray all harmonized, “We believe this proves beyond a reasonable doubt that ANYONE who questions the safety or efficacy of these miracle mRNA vaccines is an armed and dangerous racist. The FBI will be investigating any such comments in any public or private venue with a presumption of guilt, and the offender will be treated as a serious threat to national security and the very foundations of our great democracy.” All four then turned and hustled off the stage in a classic Biden retreat. The subservient legacy press sat quietly, scribbling (except for Peter Doocy who frantically hurled unanswered questions through his mask and in the direction of the rapidly vanishing quartet). Today, Joe Rogan featured a recording of the press conference on his podcast, and his disapproving comments (“censorship and oppression with the threat of violence masquerading as public safety”) generated a record 147 million favorable responses, displacing Paris Hilton’s most recent “stolen” sex tape, “Yet Another Night in Paris”…Featuring The Royal Lippizaner Stallions and with special guest appearances by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (as the castrated stable boy) and French President Manny Macron (as the team fluffer). Australian Prime Minister Scotty M reportedly auditioned for both roles, but was rejected because of a “serious lack of credibility which the cameras picked up on immediately” according to one of the casting directors. The interview with the horses came to an abrupt end when a messy NZ PM Jackie A. embarrassingly appeared from under one of the lead horses with an awkward, pasted on smile (sans mask).

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Look at Australia. We are having "cases" and other things more than ever in the heat of summer.

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Vaccines confounded the situation

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There is big talk among Twitter doctors as well as from some doctors I know about reinfection with omicron after ~6 weeks. For now there is no data about that at least as far as I can find it. Do you have any idea if any state or country has such data available. One thing that every person who talks about it is that reinfected are vaccinated. But that is just anecdotal. That is something that needs to be looked at!

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Playing devil's advocate:

1) Vaccines work so well their introduction caused covid rates to drop at the same time in every state.

2) Something about 2021 testing changed. More sensitive testing would mean case rates all go up when the change happened. Less sensitive testing mean the case rates all go down when the change happened.

May I suggest making another correlation table where you look at the case rate of each state on the specific date that it achieved X% cumulative vaccination rate. May want to repeat for multiple values of X. Then for the most damning value of X, make some other type of matrix that reports on the dates of each state that corresponded to reaching X% vax rate. It would be great if those dates were quite disparate.

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I found myself having to confront my friends posting hate speech type stuff on fB in regards to the convoy .

Having personal interactions I learned how committed they are to the narrative of threats of far right extremism . I found myself asking them what is far left extremism ? That is the moment it dawned on me .

Woke is the acceptable slogan for far left extremism ( radicalism ). And far left extremism has been actively

Radicalizing groups . This movement is about intolerance and by passing fair process . It’s about unfounded accusation and cancellation . They won’t kill you , but they will happily let you die .

And if someone is accused there is a set procedure of hoops of proclamation of allegiance and denouncing of acts and groups and people . And even then

One is put on notice and is required to consistently

Demonstrate their commitment to the cause .

I denounce far right extremism and hatred to groups snd peoples . I believe in equality of opportunity and can appreciate looking at equity. But I can appreciate when something is beyond what is fair and socially acceptable .

Far left extremism ! That is the problem

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Hope- Simpson + Farr's law = no pandemic and pointless NPIs and vaccine policies.

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Bioweapon vaxx.

This poison should be halted all together, the information they have in their own documents is enough to prosecute everyone involved:

Dr. Michael Yeadon: THIS MUST STOP! Pfizer Documents Show FDA Knew of Death Risk https://lionessofjudah.substack.com/p/dr-michael-yeadon-this-must-stop

The Truth About Safety of mRNA Vaccines Found in The European Medicines Agency's Document Titled "Comirnaty (COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine) Risk Management Plan" Welcome to the Medical Inquisition


mRNA "Vaccines" Are Gene Therapy. May cause Undesirable Side Effects That Could Delay Or Prevent Their Regulatory Approval According To BioNTech SEC Filing The Truth About "Safe and Effective" mRNA "Vaccines" Hidden In Plain Sight


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Vitamin D

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I was going to say the rate of jabs seems to correlate.. but looks like you've said that in the replies. :)

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