I entirely agree with your conclusions, not just by seeing those datas, but I just can feel it's about right by observations over the last few years.

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In other words, lay mans terms, the weak as water virus, is NOT causing ANY deaths, but the Toxic mRNA Injections, are killing Millions, and are continuing to do so.

Conclusion, - Ban the Toxic Injections, and save Millions of lives, and rid this world of Globalist de-population Mass Murder.

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Boy, is this a cracking analysis or what?!

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Nov 29, 2022·edited Nov 29, 2022Liked by Joel Smalley

Your analysis is exactly correct and is relief, that we have data to support this. This hypothesis has been mentioned long time before. I noticed that at Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium in August 2021 when Denis Rancourt was talking about that - https://ibb.co/VWjPYWW

I recommend anyone to watch the video from time 54 min where he speaks about mortality and how the virus has changed regarding borders of state, not to any geological or climatic zones. That mean's the virus has been not the cause of excess deaths, but the restrictions were.


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Nov 29, 2022Liked by Joel Smalley

I remember from one of the government press conferences that peak covid hospitalisations in England were in early april - so those covid infections had peaked well before lockdowns could have made any difference.

So wether there was a new virus or not - whatever they were measuring with PCR was bloody weak. The subsequent death waves can be explained by ventilators, midazolam, c19 shots.

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Superb analysis (as always) thank you

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Very persuasive. In my latest article, I argue that virus spread was actually "petering out" by late March and April 2020 - just when officials said cases were exploding. I think maybe a third of America had already been exposed to the virus by the time the lockdowns occurred. I'd love to read your thoughts on how many people you think had already been exposed to the virus by the lockdown dates.


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The direct evidence I have from my observation post on Canadian barstool, is that my 94 year old (at the time) stroke-disabled mother got sick along with about 100 people living and working in the nursing home, within weeks of March 9 2020 lockdown here, and 26 residents (all over age 85) died "from Covid", a case fatality rate of about 40%, but not one employee died. Up to lockdown, I had been visiting my mother daily and feeding her bone broth, real sauerkraut, kefir, fresh fruit and leafy green salads and administering cod liver oil, quercetin, C, D3, K2 and zinc, and at bedtime she got melatonin and magnesium. A supportive nurse and director ensured that she continued to get these supplements (but unfortunately not the nutrition) after lockdown. No other residents got this protocol. Mom developed a fever and cough, just as so many other residents did during their outbreak, and I got a call telling me to prepare for her death, but on my instruction Mom was not given acetaminophen or ibuprofen or Tamiflu (which is their medical standard of care for ILI) and was over the illness in less than a week. I had refused flu shots for her for years. She never did test positive by PCR but all the other 'cases' did. Residents got gene jabs but I refused for my mother. Workers who refused got fired. So she's the only one in the building who doesn't have any shots. Mom continues to get supplements. Despite everyone being jabbed now, up to 5 now with bivalent, the home continues to have "outbreaks" with positive PCRs and ILI, but residents don't die from Covid any more and sick workers are back at work within a week. The provincial funding for diet in long term care homes is about $11 per person per day. Heavy in processed carbs, GM sugar, GM soy, and GM canola, and deficient in fibre, essential nutrients and minerals. However, the province fully funds prescription drugs and vaccines - but not vitamin D supplements. So, our provincial "standard of care" is the reason for Covid deaths in nursing homes. PS I am still not allowed in to visit or care for my mother, because I refused the jabs.

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hee hee no the virus did not kill anyone. Thought you might like my positive vibes about would does kill people and what we can do about it https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/brainwashing-about-contagion-is-a


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I've long suspected that the jabs did nothing; that they were only shown to be effective through sleight of hand and number lies. I also suspect Covid isn't a thing or if it is/was then it was very much hyped into existence. I think the jabs are a bioweapon. That they do nothing but harm.

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My opinion.

Healthy humans do (of course) not need MRNA gene therapy to live on earth. Never did! For those immune compromised, I really hope the MRNA genetheraphy they received has benefits outweighing the risks of this unnatural genetherapy. If not, and this was on purpose, the guilty stupid evils behind this attack on humanity should be jailed for life. Nuremberg 2.0.

In times of crisis the individual brain is better that a SYSTEM FAILURE panic brain. Globalistic pandemic response is more dangerous than nuclear bombs. WHO, TNI, EU, etc Cancelling of 2. nd opinions by political motivated Big Tech isn’t just stupidity, but also extremely dangerous. A mass formation machine.

My personal trust in goverment, MSM and health authorities is gone forever.

This nightmare has been awful. Never took the mrna shots. Had covid for 3 days, 8 months ago (like a normal cold). Now I am natural immune for life no matter what BBC, CNN, MSNBC says.

I am so tired of MSM idiots and groupthinkers. Now they are agaist free speech. Complete. That says it all. Complete useless bullshitt. «Agaist free speech»??????


Why did people die on the Streets of Wuhan 2020?

Answer: they didn’t.


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a) your post-vax era chart should perhaps not refer to years 2020-2022

b) @olafgarber's charts on "excess mortality vs booster rate (from 4/2022)" and "excess mortality vs. fully vaxed rate of population (for 2021)" might be a good amendment to your excellent presentation and considerations, see here: https://twitter.com/olafgarber/status/1583436748562259968

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Great article. As to Conclusion 1, obesity/diabetes has a massive effect on health and resistence to disease. Many countries have a crisis in both areas. As to Conclusion 2, the NHS was effectively shut down for two years to cater for the influx of ConVid 19 victims, which never materialised. Conclusion 3 is affected by the build up of health problems due to closure of the NHS for two years. BTW has anyone developed a test for ConVid given the current one is innapropriate finding even a baked bean positive.

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I sussed it out thusly:

12 nominally healthy people dead after two jabs; one old sick guy dead from The Actual Disease.

In addition to that:

Two others crashed in the doctor's ofc.

Sent home to suffer with their "strong immune reaction".

My chart resembles your chart.

Cool. :)

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What I would like to see, and maybe you have the data to put together, is a day-by-day or week-by-week comparison of covid positive test rate versus total deaths. If 10% of your population has a virus, you'd EXPECT roughly 10% of your deaths to have a bit of that virus in them, even if it had nothing to do with what killed them.

It seems like if we had the data we could establish a 'baseline' of expected covid deaths by using the positive test rate as a rough proxy for prevalence in a community.

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Last day of a terrible year, 2022, but one good thing has come out today, today the Toxic Toad Fauci, has retired, he has escaped the Gallows for crimes against humanity, but hope fully we can nail him, in 2023.

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