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Dr Mike Yeadon - have you stopped trusting yet?

A 90-minute antidote to a lifetime of lies you've been told by the mainstream media.

Mistakes were not made

I am extremely fortunate to have met Mike, in his own home, with his family all about him so I have had the opportunity to determine his integrity and authenticity face-to-face.

All I can do for you here, is to share this most recent video of him speaking at “Rofim International Mega Event: Have You Stopped Trusting Yet?”, hosted by Chananya Weissman, mainly about the COVID crimes, but also about the more general global lies like the “climate crisis” and digital ID.

I was going to edit this for those short of time but there was so little I could justify cutting out, there was no point! And, frankly, by now, if you cannot afford an hour and a half of your time for this man but still watch the BBC news or read a mainstream newspaper every day - “trusting the lies on TV”, I’m, sorry but you don’t deserve the benefit of his knowledge!


Dead Man Talking
Dead Man Talking
Joel Smalley