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Evidence of Incorrect Vaccination Records

NHS incompetence, low level identity theft or higher level, systematic data fraud?

Can any UK vaccine efficacy data and analysis be trusted if the vaccinated population number is not correct?

After my first, detailed appraisal of the ONS Bulletin “Deaths involving COVID-19 by vaccination status, England: deaths occurring between 2 January and 24 September 2021”, I gave up trying to use the data they shared for any meaningful analysis because it was so evidently conflated and uncorrected, there was no point. You can see the complete, 4-part appraisal here:

Dead Man Talking
Cooking the books, ONS style (Part I)
Many people will be familiar with the ONS Bulletin “Deaths involving COVID-19 by vaccination status, England: deaths occurring between 2 January and 24 September 2021”. You will also know that the data has been used widely by politicians and the mainstream media to make the claim that the COVID vaccines are effective in reducing mortality, audaciously 32 times lower in the fully vaccinated than the unvaccinated…
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In addition to the plethora of examples of conflation cited in that series, there is one more potentially very important issue to report.

This one is not within the responsibility of the ONS but still something they ought to be aware of and at least caveat, if not make serious allowance for.

If you’re reporting rates (i.e. deaths per vaccinated/unvaccinated person days), getting the correct number for the vaccinated population is of paramount importance, right? But, one way of possibly getting it wrong is recording people as vaccinated when, in fact, they aren’t!

I don’t know how widespread this issue is but I can prove, from literally first-hand experience, that the issue exists because I personally have not one but two records of COVID vaccination, which it will surprise absolutely no-one at all, I did not have!

If you want the proof, there it is in the video above. That’s me logging into the NHS COVID app and navigating through my records. I videoed it so there would be the least likely accusation of any tomfoolery on my part. I’m smart enough to be able to add some black boxes on the screen recording to hide some of my personal information but I’m no deep-fake artist!

So, as you can see, yours truly got his first jab in Leatherhead (an hour and a half from where I live) on 10th Dec 2021. A little late for my age cohort but I am an anti-vaxxer after all!

And then I dutifully returned for jab number two on 16th Sept 2022, this time over three hours in the other direction from my house!

Yes, yes, I know, nine months is too long to leave between the jabs and mixing manufacturer is probably a bit of a no-no too but it really doesn’t matter, because regardless of the fact that all the claims of efficacy are spurious, I didn’t have either of the jabs anyway!! (Oh, and I’m not dead, either. Phew!)

As it happens, in one of my WhatsApp groups where there are six of us in the UK, two of us have this spurious record. Yes, it’s a very small sample but two out of six?! That’s some coinicidence, even for the mother of all coincidences…

If one-third of the unvaccinated population is incorrectly recorded as vaccinated, makes you wonder just how big of an issue this might be, doesn’t it?

Now, here’s the thing. Are these “issues” the result of asking a gargantuan task of rapid, mass vaccination to be undertaken by people who simply weren’t up to the task and made lots of mistakes?

Or… is there some malign activity much higher up the chain at work, deliberately setting out to inflate the vaccination numbers?

You know, to avoid any “vaccine hesitancy” that might otherwise ensue if people knew how many other people hadn’t fallen for it?

Or, perhaps to try and hide the onslaught of negative efficacy data that would be too apparent if they used the correct number for the vaccinated population?

Or, here’s another line of enquiry. My co-conspirator reliably informs me that their jabs were done in close proximity to the expiry dates of the toxin. What if, this “issue” is simply to cover up the fact that so much of this stuff would otherwise have expired, leaving both the practice and the manufacturer out of pocket for not jabbing up to their quota? 🤔

Patient record obtained from GP

I’m no conspiracy theorist but…

I’m sure those investigative journalists out there in the mainstream media have been working this evidence for months and are gonna break it any time soon, right? 🕵️

Not holding my breath…

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Dead Man Talking
Dead Man Talking
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