But isn’t the percentage of those vaccinated rather low in SA?

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Joel, awesome visualization of the data once again.

Would you be open to sharing your spreadsheet file as you did for the US data?

Thanks so much for your work—it’s invaluable.

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Nov 7, 2022·edited Nov 7, 2022

Thanks for the data

The graphs need bits of additional context

1. The vaccine rollout numbers which did not get going properly for a few months

2. The Delta explosion in SA

3. The mRNA#1 phase was not from March. The J&J rollout began in March. The 1st small batch of Pfizer only arrived in May 2021

4. The mRNA phases impliedly attribute the excess deaths to the vaccine across a period when Delta was significant. There are of course other follow excess death causes eg. excess deaths caused by lockdowns and socio economic factors.

5. I do see the excess deaths tailing off with Omicron which wasn't a killer

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Hi Joel - just wanted to say great work.

And a suggestion - your blog's name might be better called 'Dead Men Talking" - men as being plural. Because these stats are about the people who've died telling us their stories.

It's criminal that it's happening. And even more criminal that our law enforcement is so corrupt that they are ignoring it.

Keep calling it out buddy.


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Hi Joel. Great article, thank you for you hard work. Where may I ask did you source this data from?

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This is quite striking, but can you consider doing a *complete* analysis of all-cause mortality with no cherry picking? a holistic analysis of all-cause is sorely missing.

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Thx Joel, great analysis. Are the deaths a byproduct of the vaccines. Is their purpose bigger? I'm trying to understand why they have been pushed on society, I don't believe it to be financial. I've been watching data from crop failures, there is a worldwide famine unfolding. Are the jabs meant to stop us tearing each other apart for food. In farming, no food, you cull the herd. Why did 5G continue unabated during lockdown

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