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I asked my GP surgery at the beginning of the plandemic, "What measures do you have in place for preventive and early treatment of Covid-19?" (knowing that Dr. Tess Lawrie, FLCCC and other doctors were preventing and treating early using IV*M, hydroxych#oroqi*n* and other safe, effective repurposed drugs.) The answer I got was "We follow the NHS guidelines" which are: "sicken in place until your lips turn blue, then go to hospital, and if your condition worsens you will probably be put on a ventilator." As we now know for certain, many people died under this leathal protocol. I contacted the Cornwall NHS services, who said the same thing. When I forwarded them information from Dr. Lawrie and the FLCCC, I was told they would no longer reply to me and I was to cease sending them emails. I have kept records of my correspondence in the firm expectation that there will be a reckoning.

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Even if the Covidians hand-wave themselves to death like a Thunderbirds puppet to explain this - delayed treatments, addicts relapsing etc. and the truly preposterous and insane ones like climate change - what is impossible to avoid is that there is zero data showing they worked anywhere. That is, they might argue that you haven't "proven" they are killing - but where is their data saying they helped? Is there a single place where the administration of these "vaccines" was followed by a fall - or even just not an increase - in excess deaths? I haven't seen a single one.

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The data seems to be all pointing one direction, with all the 'leaders' steadfastly looking the other way. Just the other day I noted how it seems like the jab broke the strong seasonality link in the US NE and caused a higher covid 'baseline' throughout the summer.


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Okay Joel, here comes a serious one. Due to what I was doing at the time, I was taking a daily gander at the CDC's database. That is how I discovered that the Johns Hopkins Red & Black Death Tracker, which was used to scare the world, was a load of hogwash (turns out it was data from your fellow countryman Neil Ferguson's epic software accomplishment). Well, imagine my surprise when I had seen no real uptick in All Cause Mortality, as tracked by the CDC in roughly October of '20. Then, along comes this paper by a Johns Hopkins researcher, which appeared to find no increase in All Cause Mortality according to the CDC's own data.

Here is an article in the Daily Mail about it (my apologies for referencing this scandal rag): https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9016609/Johns-Hopkins-apologizes-retracting-article-claiming-covid-not-caused-excess-deaths.html

What some may remember is that along with Johns Hopkins forcing a retraction of the paper, the CDC shut down their database for..."upgrades"... after which they found all these excess deaths for 2020. It was almost as if they went to the graveyards to recruit along with certain US politicians. Things that make you go, "Hmmm."

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Don't you mean that deaths are higher, not excess deaths? Or were deaths already higher than expected before the mRNA jabs, meaning there were excess deaths already, and since the jabs there are even more excess deaths?

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Is anybody with a functioning brain really surprised about DEATHS BY VAX? It's planned DEPOPULATION!

Governments won't acknowledge the increasing numbers of fatalities since the Covid Vax was 'invented' just a few months after Covid was released. Suspicious - or perhaps a DEPOPULATION Plan??

Not many of us left now and it's getting worse by the day!

We, the unvaxxed, survive because we took time to study the Covid & vax con and associated lies, before taking a deadly 'leap of faith' in Medics, Government, Politicians and the PHARMACEUTICAL industry. NEVER AGAIN!

I'm sure Fauci spent days if not months trying to find inaccuracies, in the books about his decades of nefarious activities, from which he could create a litigation??? Sadly, he was 100% culpable from day one and will hopefully pay the inevitable price! Death by lethal injection for MURDERING MILLIONS. And now he's actually being given Rewards for his crimes?????

'LIABILITY' must be reintroduced for ALL PHARMACEUTICAL companies that make EXPERIMENTAL and seemingly DANGEROUS 'medicines' sometimes incorrectly referred to as vaccines. It's just COMMON SENSE!

Also, F*^k PAYPAL for thinking they could FINE customers $2500 for misbehaving or criticising CDC/FDA or Big Pharma's 'LICENCE TO KILL' (aka; Total Immunity from all LIABILITY), and without Adolf Schwab's agreement to proceed with the Plan.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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Wanna rattle the cage?

See if you can find excess death data for the the Vietnam War by year.. then compare it with these numbers.


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This is a pretty meaningless study; correlation is NOT causation! A much better study would have compared excess deaths between two cohorts, one would be unvaccinated, without COVID the other would be mRNA vaccinated, but without COVID. If there is an elevation in excess deaths among the vaccinated, then and only then, you may be able to point the finger at the vaccine.

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DePopullation Survival of the Fittest Agenda21 WHOs FOOLING WHO WEF WWW BigBrother 🫵

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These graphs are the best shorthand I’ve seen for why IT WAS ALL INSANE!!! and yet would I even bother to share with the sheep....?

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I find it amazing that "normal" people still aren't questioning anything. Possibly even more people need to die, allowing everyone to know several people personally that have died. But most people I talk to know of someone who has "died suddenly", "died unexpectedly", "unexpectedly had a heart attack", "surprisingly developed cancer". Yet still they don't join any dots.

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I'm seeing a thing on more than one of these charts, that puzzles me. I firmly believe that the shots are killing people.


We see a really steep rise on a lot of these charts, with the introduction of the shots... but that steep rise starts just a little bit *ahead* of the shots. Why? Surely the experimental group wasn't large enough to account for that? I feel like I'm missing something, and there must be another factor at work in addition to the shots, unless the shots started earlier than stated.

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This is Self-fulfilled-prophecy.

Inspiration of fear produces foolish decisions.

My personal advice from early spring 2020 were filled with "Don't Panic," yet everyone seemed to forget when the whackcines were available. The idolatry of the vaccine displayed upon the redeemer statue says it all.

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Appreciative of all your excellent work here. The one sentence that is worth considering rewording is:

"...the USA has suffered an appalling toll of death since COVID first hit..."

To something like:

"...the USA has suffered an appalling toll of death since COVID POLICIES first hit (were first mandated)..."

In the US there is currently a sustained mass death event underway which is unprecedented in the country's history during “peace time” except during the Spanish Flu (it wasn’t the flu) event of 1918.

Here are some yearly US all-cause mortality figures to consider:

2015= -2,072 excess; 2016= -17,489 excess; 2017= +17,687 excess; 2018= +7,452 excess; 2019= -15,694 excess;

2017 had the highest number of all-cause excess of the listed baseline 5 year period at around 17,000.

There are 10 weeks in 2021 that exceeded the yearly total for 2017.

Now moving on to 2020 and 2021:

2020= +433,442 deaths (+14.8%)

2021= +510,230 deaths (+17.3%)

2022 is on pace to be slightly lower than 2020/2021 but still somewhere in 6 figures of increased excess all cause mortality.

From 2015 to 2019 not once was there a week of 5 digit mortality excess. In 2020/2021 combined there have been 50 such examples.

Every single week in 2020/2021 the US had a + rate of mortality excess off the baseline except the first 9 weeks of 2020. Weeks 10 and 11 of 2020 had negligible increase. Not until around Week 14 do we begin to see significant excess and only in specific locales.

The corresponding increase in excess corresponds precisely with the March 11, 2020 WHO “pandemic” declaration. Leading into that declaration there was nothing notable that would have caused one concern based on direct observational experience.

Once the increase gets rolling we see 104 straight weeks of excess all-cause mortality in 2020/2021/2022 (temporarily interrupted in Weeks 12-16 of 2022)- the first 10 weeks of 2022 saw extremely high all-cause excess. Nothing like this has occurred in the country's history other than times of cataclysmic events such as WW2.

Since Week 16 of 2022 the + excess has kicked in again every week up to Week 41 the last week of up to date data.

I'm compiling this mainly from:


I have the weekly data which is too long to post in a comment. Also working on age stratification data relating to all-cause.

One of the striking observations, (which is not new to those examining this for the past few years) which has been mentioned before, is the timing of when the significant excess kicked in, the locations (was it widespread e.g.?) and who was it that was dying en masse during that time called "the first wave.".

The answer to the above is that the timing, as mentioned, was right when the "pandemic" was announced- Week 14 of 2020. There was not only nothing leading into this that would alert one to a coming health crisis (other than your TV and media channels) but there was in fact overall negative "excess" all-cause mortality every leading into that announcement.

Who was it that was dying during the time of the initial "excess?" It was, as you know, the elderly who were already on the precipice of dying and many were living in institutional settings. What this would mean for the general public among other things is that they would not have been witness to any of this.

And of course nowhere in the media did we get the question of "Who?" or "Where were they dying?"

And where exactly in the country was this happening? If this was a pandemic it would be widespread by definition. It was not. Even as this pandemic "was raging" in March/April 2020 it was not happening in 36 of the 50 states. How is this possible given we were told this was a "novel" virus to which we had no built in immunity as well as being the most transmissible, deadliest virus known.

Up to date figures:

United States reported 3,353,787 deaths, for the 52 weeks of year 2020 (all years of age). Expected deaths were 2,920,345. That is an increase of +433,442 deaths (+14.8%).

United States reported 3,457,517 deaths for the 52 weeks of year 2021 (all years of age). Expected deaths were 2,947,287. That is an increase of +510,230 deaths (+17.3%).

Year to date, United States reported 2,542,386 deaths for the 41 weeks of year 2022 (all years of age). Expected deaths were 2,338,304. That is an increase of +204,082 deaths (+8.7%).

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I ran for mayor against Care not cash Gavin,

Who is now governor of killafornia.

Doctor Gavin newsom says he knows what you can talk to your doctor about ab2098 and if he tells you what is the weather he may lose his license for saying not to breathe in the chemtrails causing the sky to cloud with artificial sun blocking.

Why is killafornia hating the first amendment?

Thanks to ScKamala now vice for putting me into jail.

Gavin thanks you for your obediance to his illegal mandates and dicktates.

Gavin fucked his campaign managers wife while high on cocaine In 2007.

Before I went to jail for saying his name gravel threesome out loud in public.


They still terrorize me every day.

My job makes me mask. The bandana I use to do so don't cover my face but it satisfies their bogus authoritarian fascism

They don't like this comment when I try to post

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Could you please cite and link to your sources?

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