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The trouble with Tice and Farage is that they're always dragging their feet on issues until public opinion catches up rather than "leading from the front", so to speak. This is frustrating to those of us who are ahead of the curve but, I guess, politically expedient. No doubt Tice will make a deft change of tack on the vaccines (and Ukraine and any other issue) just before the point at which it becomes obvious to the public that they've been poisoned.

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having been studying life under 'the people' and Chairman Mao in China and the aftermath, destruction of life, power struggles and chaos following the Reformation and French Revolution- I've completely changed my mind about introducing a new system of government in the UK! We have some issues yes but we don't really know we're born compared to what happened in these countries.

I think we work with what we have but remove many powers, and stop lobbying immediately. We also leave the UN and WHO as a priority. We take the 'pressure' from the NHS by empowering ourselves to look after our own health and by understanding that no one ever needs a mask, vaccine or a lockdown for anything ever.


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Love this. I had a stab at working in the political system last year too. Not for me, system is so stuffed. Looking forward to following along here.

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The only constant is change. Good luck with this neat Substack idea.

About change ... it can happen real fast ...


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“the UK, like every other nation in the world, needs a new system of governance, not a new political party in government. The system is broken.”

Well done, Joel! I am heartened by your disenchantment with UK polyticks (SicK). I am even more hopeful that you, and those like you who value freedom but still believe in the God of Government, will become an atheist like Voluntaryist me.

“This is how the world will change. When the world becomes free it will not be by the creation of new laws, or the removal of old, or new political leaders, or any election result. It will not be because of a change in government, but because of a change in attitude toward government. Genuine change will come when the state is ignored, not reformed. It will not come when politicians are better, but when they are irrelevant. When state-made law is no longer deemed necessary or important it will not be respected. When it is not respected it will not be enforced because it will not be enforceable. The world can become free of the barbarous relic called the state. The state is a dangerous fiction whose power rests entirely on people’s belief in its necessity, or inevitability. It is not a given that a state must or will always exist. The state, like so many other superstitions [e.g., slavery once accepted as necessary] now thought to be outrageous, inhumane, and inefficient, can be left in the ash heap of history.” Isaac Morehouse

No one rules if no one obeys. www.voluntaryist.com


Pleased the Ikigai model, which I have been using for years, is serving you well. As to your “Evidence-based education”, this is new to me and just looked it up. Seems still too institutionalized and caught in Max’s (Weber) Iron Cage.

How about trying the Alliance for Self-Directed Education https://www.self-directed.org/

and Home-Un-Schooling supported by me https://www.responsiblyfreeschool.com/ --right now teaching two 12 y.o.’s university courses:

UQx PSYC1030.2x Introduction to Developmental Psychology; and,

UBCx ReligionX The Science of Religion.

If you have not read John Holt’s work, I hope you will https://www.johnholtgws.com/john-holt

“The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free.” Baruch Spinoza

Keep safe and free.

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Saffron Walden loss, but totally agree as to reasoning. Means you get more time devoted to saving humanity on Substack 😄

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“The U.K. and every country needs a new system of government”. I can only wholeheartedly agree with this. Ricardo Bossi from Australia has explained this very well in a recent interview with Dr Sam White. Actually we do not need ‘government’, we need to reclaim and re-assert our sovereign individual rights. This is the most important action which, once done, will fix the current problems we all see only too clearly. https://vimeo.com/791186714/e37ba6a0cc

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No to anything block chain! Block chain is a dangerous technocratic scam.

Please study the meticulous research of Alison McDowell of Wrench in the Gears.


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I must admit having seen Richard Tice being interviewed by Rich Vobes during which Vobes mentioned vaccines I was very disappointed that Tice did not have the courage to pick up the matter. Maybe he is uninformed but unless he gets informed he loses my vote. It is a number one issue for me. At least Nigel Farrage publicly states that he did not get a booster and has no intention of doing so or of following any future mandates.

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Agree we need a broad based system of education that is fully decentralized.

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I was backing REFORMUK mostly because of yourself & Dr Bull . . . because I don't trust Tice. Now it's the Heritage party or being politically homeless.

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Well said; agree about Farage - he is either constrained editorially - don't really believe that given the no holds barred positions of Steyn and Oliver who talk more sense than emanated from all WEF Davos devotees ever - or does not quite believe the horror show ( which he refers to more and more so don't believe that either ) OR he is lining up for a political re-entry and does not want to give too much "ammunition" to the opposition - but in one sense he has already done that - or he is playing a clever game and waiting for important elements of the MSM to finally admit they are 100% wrong about SARS COV2 - and this would suggest the tide is racing towards the shore:



Or something else - cannot quite make up my mind. He appears to "dip his toe" but won't get "wet all over" ( OK , allusion to "wet" is not well chosen but best I could come up with on the spur of the moment)

Tice has shown himself to be a man of straw with his lack of support and indeed criticism of Bridgen; given the email disclosures from MHRA ( assuming they are genuine and not a UK MI5 psyops scam), I think he has made a bad error of judgment and if he does not very convincingly do a volte face a la Malhotra, and very quickly, he and Reform UK are electoral toast imho - until that happens I am firmly in "political enfranchisement choice no man's land" with some very hard thinking to do.

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You're right - we don't need more political parties, we need a new form of politics!

It's unlikely to change and if it does, it won't be for the better. It's already more like multinational unaccountable corporations and NGOs simply do what they want and tell national governments what to say and how to pay. Not going to get any better without some sort of revolution and people just don't seem interested - the fire has gone out. So good luck with your new venture - I hope you're not going to stop this substack though as you're one of my favourites (good at explaining things!).

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I have the same frustrations about Reform - too much just reacting to current news items, and no basic setting out of principles.

I'll certainly take a look at your new substack, but $99 a month is serious money - like most SubStackers I subscribe (paid) to a number of newsletters (five at the moment) and so they need to fit that sort of budget. But, good luck !

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Best of luck Joel. looking forward to it. I think any honest person who has ventured into politics has felt the same. When strong people follow their life's purpose and the truth, they can have a more profound positive effect as they inspire people on the way. When enough of us do it, it makes politics and politicking impotent.

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A wise decision Joel.

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