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Is the COVID vaccine Safe or Effective?

Analysis of survey data collected by Steve Kirsch would suggest that not only is it not safe or effective, it most likely causes more death PLUS further evidence of iatrogenic death.

The point of this analysis is not to prove definitively that the COVID vaccine causes death but rather to highlight that if the public health authorities were in any way honest and competent, they would be collecting and analysing this data, correctly accounting for and fixing any confounding factors.

All around the world, public health authorities are not doing this.

Why not is the only question you should be asking.

In the meantime, you should do what you think most prudent in light of this fact and think carefully about who is spreading the “misinformation” - a random sample of over 2,000 subscribers to Steve Kirsch’s Substack who have all lost people dear to them in the last couple of years or those on the Big Pharma payroll.

Link to original survey.

Nice summary article on Marek’s chickens.

Slides from presentation:

Dead Man Talking
Dead Man Talking
Joel Smalley