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So many thoughts come to mind. Why would any country intentionally choose to kill its working population? Why are all these illegal immigrants flooding in, housed, fed, clothed, while the country’s elderly cannot access adequate care in the home? Why have so many research scientists ignored the ONS’s deliberate mistakes, why suddenly is everything we use, read about marked with the word carbon? Why is every researcher, scientist, medic, data analyst, social media truth teller decimated by the funders of MSM, ignored by governments when they attempt to point out errors made, dangers involved? Look what is being done to Russell Brand right now. I have noticed recently, many of our truth tellers have “slowed down”. Why have covid jabs begun again in the UK, despite being unsafe and ineffective? And why are so many people STILL convinced everything is just fine?

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The coordinated deliberate attack on the people to kill and also damage them in ways which may not yet even be apparent ( fertility for example) is not to be confused with mistakes or utter incompetence... it is utterly evil. That being said and seeing clearly that the puppets are willingly pushing to kill you.. then the only course of action for non slaves or non cowards is to hold them accountable in the most extreme ways available. We can’t get to the puppet masters... but the puppets are out in the open. How much more will the sheep take? Sadly most fear to even speak as I have just done, let alone do anything.

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A cynic might conclude that the deliberate and wilful killing and maiming of UK citizens by the UK Government is being deliberately and wilfully obfuscated by the UK Government. I'm sure those fine investigative journalists in the mainstream media will blow this wide open any day now.

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I like the yelling.

This is how I feel when people send me 'state birth data' and cannot understand that Australian state birth data includes dead babies and 'certificates.' The ABS at the federal level reports LIVE births only, and the ABS stopped reporting this metric in November 2021 and have not updated it since.

People still send me state data. Media reports state data 'baby boom.'

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Great explanation Joel.

I note that Jan 21 also has a big peak. Interestingly this is also in registrations.

So I wonder if this is actually from HCW being, shall we say, trampled by the elephant in the room; without death by occurrence data the death by registration date spike would have been put down to bunching following the administrative delays over Xmas/ new year.

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Not So Suddenly

I Have Come To The Realization

That The Covid Vaccinated

Are Not Dying Suddenly.

They Are All,

Each Of Them,

... Waiting For It.

There Is To Be Nothing Sudden About It.


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Laughably Canadian government statisticians couldn't be quite as sophisticated in obfuscating their raw data, and a graph made with their own data showed no excess mortality for all of 2020, during Covid. https://danielnagase.substack.com/p/how-experts-lie-part-3 The graph is 1/3 down the page. Suffice to say government statisticians are criminals.

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Many thanks Joel. The ONS have been performing a sort of "smoke and mirrors" act from the very start, but you can be sure they were well aware of the reality of the figures you highlighted , and quite simply I'm sure that's the reason they presented death numbers the way they did - to hide the truth. I very much doubt it was solely through incompetence (although with them you never know!)

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Not selling a thing...not even subscriptions, just a pay it forward project.

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Seeing McCullough spew all that nonsense again with the lab leak theory is painful. Dr.Denis Rancourt has said it all like it is.

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For the 20-45 age cohort, the average deaths-per-year, corrected to date of occurrence, in 2016 thru 2020, was 15,979, with Stdev 445. For 2021, the figure was 17,348, which is 3.1 sigma over.

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What is so frustrating is the 'smoke and mirrors' aspect of this. It is almost as if the powers that be WANTED to confuse us all, but Heavens Forfend!

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I’m still a bit puzzled by the difference between occurrence and reported dates and the reason for the delays. In most deaths you have a body, a doctors certificate and the next of kin goes to the local registry within 5 days to report the death. In some cases the data of death is unknown or estimated because the body has been lying for months and nobody reported the person missing. Some of these will be reported to the coroner. In other cases the date of death is known but the cause of death is unknown and it has to be reported to the coroner. Presumably child vaccine deaths would be in the last category.

I’ve noticed since Covid that the importance of the position of Chief Coroner has been reduced somewhat.

We used to get annual reports from the Chief Coroner.


It was somewhat reassuring that this came from an actual person.

Now we just get coroners statistics from a faceless bureaucracy


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According to the newly released dataset, the peak in all-cause deaths in 15-44-year-olds was on July 20th 2021 (regardless of whether you look at single-day data or a 7-day moving average). But according to the ONS dataset titled "Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales by age and sex: covid-19", there was actually a clear increase in COVID deaths in ages 15-44 in late July 2021 (https://www.ons.gov.uk/datasets/weekly-deaths-age-sex/editions/covid-19/versions/154):

week_ending_date covid_deaths_in_ages_15_to_44

2021-06-07 3

2021-06-14 7

2021-06-21 10

2021-06-28 15

2021-07-05 8

2021-07-12 18

2021-07-19 36

2021-07-26 30

2021-08-02 34

2021-08-09 29

In fact on the week ending July 19th 2021, there was the highest number of COVID deaths in ages 15-44 out of any week between February 2021 and December 2021.

There was also a spike in PCR positivity rate in England in late July 2022, because the 7-day moving average of the positivity rate rose from less than 1% in May 2021 to a peak of 11.6% on both July 22nd and July 23nd, after which it fell back to about 8% a week later: https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/testing?areaType=nation&areaName=England.

Here's a plot which shows the PCR positivity rate along with COVID deaths and all-cause deaths in ages 15-44: https://i.ibb.co/Y78N0f2/smalley-six-sigma.png.

(I also included my comment in this article where I have tried to address some arguments made by the people who claim that there was no pandemic: https://mongol-fi.github.io/nopandemic.html#Joel_Smalley.)

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thank you

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Here's an odd coincidence for you... the Covid-19 test positivity in the UK peaked on July 21, 2021.


If that isn't odd enough for you, there's another test positivity peak on Jan 4, 2022.

Perhaps “COVID-19 mentioned on the death certificate” is not the best measure of the impact that Covid is having.

Regarding your point 3: Do you have any reason to believe that the variants in July and Dec 2021 were less virulent for the 15-44 age group or that this group had herd immunity or that the weakest in this group were already dead?

The ONS data shows a clear increase in the all-cause mortality rate for the unvaccinated in this age group (18 - 39) beginning in June 2021 and continuing well into 2022.

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