Well, I've signed up but it sounds pretty optimistic to me!

I go along to the #together things too.

I read Steve Kirsch's substacks.

I read loads of substacks.

I pass on information to my husband and kids.

They get bored reading it all (frankly, half the time they don't read it).

I have tried talking to other people, passing on articles and the like.

NOBODY I know is willing to even start a discussion. During the height of the madness nobody would talk to me because I was a non-conforming nutcase (refused to follow any rules which made me scary to associate with, apparently). Then I was a selfish anti-vaxxer who didn't deserve to go anywhere with other humans.

Now that the madness is receding, nobody wants to be reminded of it. Nobody believes the "nonsense" about govt overreach or UN/WHO takeover bids. Everybody believes the energy crisis is "because of Putin". Everybody believes in Net Zero and the Climate Emergency.


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thought you'd find this inspirational. "To all my friends out there who know what’s really going on… To all my conspiracy theorist friends… Yes, sometimes it’s a curse and not always a blessing to be awake. Awakening is the most liberating, alienating, excruciating, empowering, lonely, confusing, freeing, frightening, expansive journey.

If you find yourself struggling as you try to process all this insanity, you are not alone. No one talks about the darkness that accompanies awakening, or the GRIEF. Not only grieving the life and illusions you once had but the realization that almost everything you thought you once knew, is a LIE. The beliefs you’ve held, people you’ve trusted, principles you were taught- ALL LIES.

Shattering illusions is RARELY an enjoyable experience. There is a considerable amount of discomfort that comes with growth and the grieving process doesn’t stop there. With these newfound realizations, you then find yourself grieving all over again. Grieving the loss of many relationships with people who just don’t “get it”. Feeling alone; being ridiculed and shamed, not only by the masses but for many of you, your very own family and friends too. Feeling like you no longer have much in common with the people you are surrounded by. Struggling with carrying on bullshit, shallow conversations that lack substance with those who are still fast asleep. Even feeling disconnected from your entire support system because they can’t see what you see. Some even grieve the loss of their ignorance- because “ignorance is bliss” and reality is harsh.

Awakening can be a lonely road and you will often find yourself journeying alone. There is no way to sugarcoat it- Awakening to the realities of this world is brutal. It will have you running through the entire gamut of human emotions. You have to master the art of diving down the darkest of rabbit holes only to come out and still function in daily life, and that’s a skill people don’t talk about enough. Some of you are struggling with feeling disconnected from family and friends, it’s as though they exist in another world. Please know you are not alone, and not only are you not alone, you have an entire tribe standing with you. We may be separated by miles, but we are DEEPLY connected; in purpose and in spirit." 🙏❤

- Author unknown.

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I really needed that. I'm now alone in my family. I'm awake and they're not. No matter how hard I try and how eloquently I try to wake them up, they refuse...still stuck on narratives, lies, illusions and MSM. Gets pretty lonely and difficult some days. My wife is half awake...my daughter, not. Very few around me get it and even most that somewhat do, don't spend any time researching or preparing. Still spending time watching Netflix, etc. I can't wait until we reach critical mass and this can't be held down any longer...at the same time, I fear by that time, it'll be too late for many. Too many jabs. Unprepared. Those of us that are awake need to be ready to help those that awaken...and have the patience and understanding that it took many of us years to get here. I send blessings and love to all of my fellow freedom fighters and godly warriors.

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Who are “the powers that be” exactly? Give you a hint: a secret group starting with F

What’s your best way to wake-up those who don’t want to open their eyes?

Please share your most effective wake-up strategies.

The more the awakened, the sooner this nightmare will be over!

If the person doesn’t want to discuss injections, then food is a good start:

Why is food poisoning legal?

Artificial sweeteners, MSG, PFAS, Glyphosate ... go organic!


Then I’d follow with "Are you opened to see if the actual data matches your opinion?"

Then I start showing some of the shortcomings of the Pharma industry:


Then, show that every single person in the planet should be suing Pfizer for deliberately injecting an undisclosed carcinogenic monkey virus (SV40) into the cell nucleus of the clueless biohacked, as officially recognized by Health Canada !!!

If he doesn’t like the topic, I’d show this video (all you need is 10 secs in the middle, who doesn’t have 10 seconds for you):


(caveat about the beginning: pot destroys your brain + “Raises Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke”)

9/11: two "planes", yet the third tower (WTC7) imploded, free falling on its footprint like in a controlled demolition. It was out of reach, and all 7 World Trade Center towers needed to be rebuilt, not the closer towers not belonging to World Trade Center... and the “owner” took an insurance policy for the WTC against terrorism, just months before, when no one was taking them … he didn’t show up for work precisely on 9/11 … just as his 2 grown up siblings (they never skipped work before). The inside information about the FUTURE 9/11 event helped masons make trillions by shorting the stock exchange: the records were deleted by the SEC so they wouldn't be prosecuted !!!

Watch amazing short and more evidence here:


Please watch all of this! Your life depends on it, because there's a plan to murder 95% of the global population by 2050… written on the masonic Georgia guide-stones: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 … ”:


- J6: The false flag operation of the fake riot was planned, incited and guided by FBI agents, who broke into the Capitol !!! The same mason-plot was copy-pasted to disband the insurrection against the stolen elections in Brazil! All intel agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA) were founded by masons and are run by them for their own nefarious goals.


It's such a mason manual that they organized the same J6 play in Brazil when it was proven that the voting machines owned by mason Soros, were rigged:



- At least since the 90s, vaccines are weaponized to reduce the population, for example:

1. Adding hCG to infertilize women: lab detected in 30 countries

2. Overpassing the FDA 10 ng limit to human DNA “contamination” by 2000%, thus causing neuro-damage (autism, asperger, tics, dyslexia in 29% of kids, etc.) and childhood cancer epidemic (n.b. leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas)

Check soundchoice.org or videos at bottom after this page:


- COVID was designed as a primer for even more lethal COVID haccines:




- Wake up videos:



- It's genocide for depopulation:


- Their main source of power apart from sin-empowered demons? NOT a coincidence that the USA left dollar convertibility to gold in 1971, precisely triggering the exponential government deficit coupled with the trade deficit and inflation.

This is the Achilles’ heel of all nations: masonic and satanic secret societies counterfeit paper money and launder trillions with which they buy Banks, seats in the Federal Reserve (the only private run Central Bank in the world), political careers and parties, puppeticians, listed corporations, media, healthcare corporations and organizations, universities, foundations, judges, etc.:

Confessions of illuminati, David Rockefeller:


Confessions of ex-illuminati Ronald Bernard (all lodges obey the same master, Satan):


The way out of this mess:

1. Create an easy system for real money: private currencies/warrants based on real assets, goods, services, etc. (gold, corn, oil, distance/volume/weight transportation, labor human hour/minute, etc.)

2. Ban legal tender. Let the free markets decide which real-currencies/valuables/warrants they prefer to trade with

3. Ban paper-backed currencies (unlike real-backed ones of point 1.)

4. Enforce a Legal Banking Reserve of 100% of deposits (so banks don't create money based on air) and therefore there's no excuse for a Central Bank, because there would be no risk of bank-runs since all their loans are fully backed with deposits

Anything else you might think of?

Now, are you really ready for this?:

The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet


Plllllease, on my knees, don’t believe me, just do your own homework by searching the following in yandex.com, mojeek.com (includes crawl date filter and substack search), gigablast.com, startpage.com, duckduckgo.com (not Google, Bing, Yahoo censors). The key terms to test them? Child Satanic Ritual Abuse, Child Satanic Ritual Murder.



President John Quincy Adams: “Masonry ought forever to be abolished. It is wrong - essentially wrong - a seed of evil, which can never produce any good.”

If you are a mason or know a mason, ask him to ask his 33° master to put in writing and sign it, who is "the great architect" and that he is not Lucifer. If he refuses, then he’ll know who he is really serving, Satan: tell him to get out of masonry NOW. Sooner or later he’ll be required to trample on a cross to get to a higher degree.

Confessions of ex-illuminati Ronald Bernard (all lodges obey the same master, Satan):


Confessions of a former mason (Serge Abad-Gallardo):


Confession of 33rd degree master mason - Masons worship deities/demons


Masonry's Satanic Connection


Masonry's Satanic Doctrine | From Their Own Books


Do Freemasons Worship Lucifer? Evidence They Don't Want You To See


Satanic Ritual Abuse and Secret Societies [1995] [VHS]


Satanic Pedophilia Torture and Blood - Dark Satanic Secrets Revealed




WARNING! Weaponization of vaccines:




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Wow "ditto"

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I hear what you're saying, Stuffysays. It's the same for me with some friends and some family, but at least my husband is onboard with me. I've sent so much info backed up with FACTS to people - from the fake pandemic, bioweapon shots, to election fraud, and hardly anyone replies. At least here in Italy (and the people in Europe) know it's not Putin's fault! Stay free! Stay strong!

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Hah! I'm in England - everyone here believes Putin is the actual Devil! Nobody I know is willing to even listen to the idea that the energy crisis was already on its way before he invaded Ukraine.

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You need smarter friends. Really sounds depressing.

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Your story sounds very familiar. I feel your pain. Hang in there. It can be lonely but at least we know there are others out there and people are beginning to stand up. Sending prayers your way.

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Finding all these people on the internet has been a sanity saver over the last few years!

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Crossposted. Thanks for bringing this important initiative to our attention!

> https://beyondc19.substack.com/p/notourfutureorg

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Glad to sign!! And then, I am creating one further way to help in the creation of a good future: AWAKE IN A WORLD GONE "WOKE." It's for the awake - connection, strategies, and much more. For more info, you may want to subscribe to my Substack. More information is coming over the next couple of weeks. Joel, it may actually also interest you.

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Nov 21, 2022·edited Nov 21, 2022

I signed the petition, thank you Joel. My excuse is inexcusable, for not going door to door here in Portland OR; I hate when people come to my door trying to get me to sign stuff, I usually do not answer the door. Plus, I do not like to try to engage the jabbed, and seems most are. I did make it to a Childrens Health Defense local meeting this weekend, which is a watershed moment for me. Out in the world, I do try to get folks to interact, with some successes. Seeing a rise in mask wearing here, just so backward and stupid, I probably need to move, but at least the meeting with (UN-masked members of ) CHD helped me see who are my cohorts, about 200 people attended, all in their 40's and older. The CHD chapter has a strong leader here, Katherine Green. She needs a thousand phone volunteers, 5 calls a day. https://or.childrenshealthdefense.org/ Best

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Done - climb a mountain one step at a time

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Thank you for this!

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Signed and shared!

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Joel Thank you.


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Excellent. Glad to sign

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I love your work, Joel. But talk to 25 random young people, aged under 30. Every one will be mentally signed up to having their CF monitored, looking forward to comparing SC scores against friends. It’s over, Joel.

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NOT OUR FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Signed. Although, it says it’s the first time governments have done this, and maybe that’s true as gas as scale, but governments have been practicing democide for a long time.

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On another but connected issue is there anybody who would be willing to write to a man who has been put in prison in Wrexham for damaging the window of a "vaccine centre"? He has spent 10 months in solitary and is now back in for not sticking to his parole rules of going to live with criminals. He wants evidence of "vaccine" harm to put before the judge in court as that is his defence. He cannot use the internet so would like to hear from people for moral support and evidence.

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Done and shared! Thank you for this as it is so heartening to know how I feel has been put into words in this way. Fantastic cartoon too!

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