The evidence and testimony is impeccable and irrefutable and yet nothing changes ! This world is truly a lost cause.

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It is all here folks. The entire sordid tale - for now anyway. I expect this will be studiously ignored by most everyone as these facts have been ignored for well over three years. People prefer those limited hangouts where they can enjoy the thrill of understanding part of the truth in order to be able to ignore the implications of the whole truth.

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Brilliant post which succinctly summarises this turning point in humanity's fortunes. If we survive, it should be tattoed on the bodies of those evil perpetrators. With a blunt needle.

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Will Jones of The Daily Sceptic asked me to summarize all of my “early spread” evidence in one document, creating categories for “cases,” likely dates of infection, “sources” for these claims and include my estimate of how convincing this evidence is (strong, moderate, weak, etc). He also asked me to include “notes” on these cases.

It’s my “notes” that made this document quite long (5,450 words!) so this is definitely only for readers or researchers with a great interest in this topic. Still, Will’s suggested project was a good one as I have now produced a document that provides all of this data in one place and maybe some researchers or journalists with more resources or talent than myself will stumble upon this document in the future.

A few highlights:

The document identifies at least 130 Americans from 16 states who had antibody evidence of infection in 2019. Given that we don’t know the unknown people who infected these people, one could double this number.

Per my research, there have been “antibody-positive” early cases reported in at least five countries.

I point out that the real number of likely “early cases” is unknown as officials have not released information on the number of “early cases” these agencies received via antibody results reported to their agencies by clinics performing such tests.

I argue that results of published antibody test likely undercount the number of prior infections.

In my summary, I include the likely early case of John Perry, a man who became infected in North Carolina in early January 2020. Mr. Perry’s likely case is significant because he reports that he was contacted by public health officials from South Carolina and North Carolina, who asked him questions about details of his case. Mr. Perry anecdote strongly suggest that at least some public health agencies WERE investigating early cases, which they have never reported to the public. I find it hard to believe the CDC was not aware of his case and others.

I appreciate anyone who might pass along the link to this article to officials or journalists who might be interested in this topic.


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Thank you for posting this synopsis! I think you’re correct that in addition to the media blackout, even the alternative media didn’t cover this because it was a lot of time and information.

It would be great if someone like Vigilant Fox or Chief Nerd could do bite-sized clips from the expert witness presentations so that the public can get an idea of what happened and perhaps feel inclined to watch more of the sessions in full.

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A quote:

“When the central bankers of the G7 nations went into the room in Jackson Hole in August 2019 and they voted on the Going Direct Great Reset, everything that is happening to us right now is part of the Going Direct Great Reset and they voted on it and it was a plan, okay, so they wrote a plan they decided to do this, so they’ve been engaged in the financial coup for 20 years.

We’re now coming into the end game, they have to consolidate the financial coup and they voted on the Going Direct Great Reset and with that one decision they made a decision over the next year to put 500 million people out of work.

That’s the equivalent of dropping several nuclear bombs around the world- that’s financial warfare and they made it intentionally, they made it knowingly and it was a plan.

What is very important to understand when you think about this pandemic is people are not dying from magic viruses people are dying from tyranny. They’re dying from a great poisoning that is a part of that tyranny- but our problem and the thing we need to be afraid of is the tyranny because the tyranny is about to get much, much worse and it’s the passports and that system of central bank digital control that will give them the ability to do that.”

Catherine Austin Fitts

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Amazing. I've been screaming lately that the scary nukes, scary balloons, scary UFOs, scary train derailments, scary (whatever is next) are all because they know we are on to them and they are desperately trying to get the public to stop focussing on the thousands of people a day dropping dead. We must stand firm, stand courageous and demand that the criminals in this world start getting rounded up and put on the stand and if found guilty brought to justice for the first time in decades. The only way the madness in this world slows down is if these monsters finally have something to lose.

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Thank you ... it's all adding up ...

Hopefully this will now get the masses listening ...



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What an excellent post Joel. Very impressive, brave and factual, no speculations. Thank you! I'm one of those who saw one of the first depositions the one from David Martin, so I've been "a follower" ever since, through all the " controversies" and tribulations. I believe it contributes to the "bigger picture" of this unholy mess we are in. Thank you for playing your part Mr.Smalley.

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Joel, I am though somewhat disappointed in Fuellmich's grand jury conclusion. It ended in a state of chaos and disunity. Either one of these happened: 1. One of those two lawyers is guilty of embezzlement of funds or of being paid off as a plant which would totally undermine the moral high ground they took in exposing the truth. 2. The Corona Committee was infiltrated and funds were stolen etc, evidence planted to destroy and undermine the work of the Committee. Having listened to both sides of their stories in the afterword...a lot of ambiguities and smoke and mirrors. Disappointing to say the least that a snake was introduced to destroy the work.

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Controlling what people ingest visually and auditorily (a new word) - is EVERYTHING - brainwashed might sound cliché but that is exactly what they did. Even the Drs and nurses trusting the system bought into the narrative hook line and sinker! (That means they swallowed everything!). I applaud you Joel for putting this out there. But who is Doug Brodie, was he the actual author? Sounded like it was written in first person, did he run the trials? Just trying to get my play book straight! Don’t yell at me, but does Trump know about this? I thought we stayed in the loop fairly well and this is the first I have heard of this. Obviously the French government heard about it! How horrid for her. I often wonder who will write this history.....I have not clicked all the links to listen to testimony, that looks like a days adventure in itself, I am trusting in a HOLY GOD to make this right, come LORD Jesus!

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That's a ton of work.


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DMT, thank you for this summation...lots of work to pull all of these things together. If (IF) the c-one-niner agenda as portrayed here is solely to paper-over the global debt crisis, not only are the elites total cons, but they are also narcissistic cowards. The entire fiat money debacle could have been turned off decades ago by the United State--but the allures of unending Vietnam War, the petro dollar and the US space program got in the way of reality (living within our means). Many US leaders and Christian writers tried to warn of the events from 3 decades ago. What is frustrating is the absolute cowardice of global leaders to actually do the right thing but instead act out in fraud and medical and institutional mass murder. As it is turning out, they are all worshipping at the altar of mammon (the biblical reference to money) and as the Word says, that the love of money is a root of many many evils.

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Where is Katherine Watt and Sasha Lapytova in all this. A huge part Wouldnt it be? No mention of DOD as the Defendants with the others?

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Joel what an incredible post. Thank you very much for it.

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An astonishing and invaluable resource and reference 'book'. It seems clear that Covid-19 was nowhere near humanity's medical 'bogeyman', which 'they' must have known from the outset, knew (as did many others) that their jabs were ineffective at neutralising infection and transmission, therefore the past 2+ years must essentially be a 'conditioning' exercise.

It stands to reason the virus couldn't be too lethal early on else people might not be receptive to the artefacts of the new normal. Too many dead bodies might spook the 'serfs'.

The first steps to the 'new normal' have been taken, such as, telemedicine, control of media to keep people safe from 'misinformation' about the virus Ukraine, and the 'climate (non) crisis, as examples. The 40 Cities programme is pushing the geographical travel curtailment for indigenous populations but not for wave after wave of incomers from different regions.

However, if the past few years of 'covid' was to 'condition', the practice run, could it prove to be a double edged sword for these so-called 'elites'.....how many will submit to the control and medical coercion for the next 'pandemic', recognising that so much damage has been done to lives since 2020? Eyes have been opened, experiences not forgotten so soon.

'They' are trying rehabilitation (cf. Amol Rajan's interview with Gates last month.....just a regular philanthropist, with a few dinners chalked up with Epstein), and the focus of the public has been shifted to the war in Eastern Europe. That is starting to lose traction hence the one minute silence scheduled for the 24th of this month. They have a desperate need to get the public 'united' behind a cause.....another 'pots and pans' exercise. It remains to be seen how many are still subservient to the propaganda but it is reassuring to know that there are millions around the world who aren't, and that thousands have been fighting on our behalf, speaking to the Corona Investigative Committee, producing films and podcasts. Humanity has its saviours beavering away....the future is not lost by a long chalk, it's our future, not the cabals'.

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