Should the COVID mRNA products have been granted Emergency Use Authorisation?

Let the people decide!


In this previous post, I presented some basic mortality data for North Dakota and Minnesota as evidence for people to decide whether the COVID mRNA products were necessary, safe and effective.

However, in a trial, there isn’t just evidence presented but there is also witness testimony. I very much doubt many people in America, let alone in the world even know who Scott Atlas is but his expert testimony would be extremely important in such a trial.

Scott W. Atlas

Scott Atlas resigns as Trump COVID-19 adviser | Sports Grind Entertainment

Scott W. Atlas, MD is the Robert Wesson Senior Fellow in health policy at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University. He investigates the impact of government and the private sector on access, quality, and pricing in health care, trends in health care innovation, and key economic and civil liberties issues related to health policies.

He is a frequent policy advisor to policymakers in the United States and other countries. He has served as senior advisor for health policy to several candidates for President, members of the US Congress, and health agencies. From August through November, 2020, he served as Special Advisor to the President and a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Before his policy appointment at Hoover Institution, he was Professor and Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center for 14 years and in academic medicine for 25 years. Dr Atlas is the author of more than 100 peer‐reviewed scientific publications and 200 policy pieces.

Dr Atlas has received many awards from leading institutions and societies in recognition of his leadership in policy and medicine, including the 2022 Encounter Prize for Advancing American Ideals, explained as follows:

“Standing up to injustice and facing down the madding crowd of conformity requires enormous patience, equilibrium, insight, and courage—the most important virtue, Aristotle observed, because without it none of the other virtues can flourish. The Encounter Prize for Advancing American Ideals pays tribute to individuals who effectively embody this rare combination of virtues in their lives and work.”

He received the 2021 Freedom Leadership Award, Hillsdale College’s highest honor, “in recognition of his dedication to individual freedom and the free society,” the 2021 Conservative Partnership Institute Freedom Fighter of the Year Award, CPI’s highest honor, "bestowed upon an individual for their courage and dedication to truth and liberty" and the 2011 Alumni Achievement Award, the highest career achievement honor for a distinguished alumnus from the University of Illinois in Urbana‐Champaign.

In the private sector, Atlas is a frequent advisor to start‐up entrepreneurs and companies in life sciences and medical technology.

He received his MD degree from the University of Chicago School of Medicine.

Some well-informed commentators raised the question as to whether the officially published COVID mortality data (as presented in the previous post) was genuinely the result of the virus and not the policy response to the virus. Dr Atlas provides his expert opinion on this.

This video is an excerpt from Dr Atlas’s recent presentation to the Public Emergency Council for the Coronavirus Crisis (PECC) in Israel, shared by Galileo.


In addition to his expert knowledge on the collateral impact of COVID policies, Dr Atlas gives valuable insights into the political workings of the COVID pandemic management. These should be given due consideration when judging the legitimacy of the decisions made by the political agencies tasked with evaluating the mRNA product, resulting in the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA).

If you listen carefully to Dr Atlas, you should realise that what is on trial here, is not just the EUA of a novel medical intervention but whether or not we live in a free society where everyone has access to factual, scientific information as opposed to dogma and propaganda.


So, I ask you again, “members of the jury” in this people’s court, based on the evidence of this witness and the mortality data, according to your conscience, does the mRNA product meet the necessary standard of necessity, safety and effectiveness?


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