There is one BIG PROBLEM with these headlines.

While Dr. Bhakdi has been very public with release of his video telling what happened when he went to Thailand and what he expected to happen - NOTHING HAS HAPPENED IN THAILAND.

The Thai government has been SILENT.

I know. I live in the country. And I have been scouring the news in English and Thai to try and find any reference to this - (I am fluent in Thai) - And there is nada. Zip. Nothing.

One thing has changed though - and this is news about C19.

In late December and early January as the G20 Covid-dictators started attempting to ramp up the COVID restrictions based on China opening up to let their tourists out, Thailand joined the band wagon announcing a reintroduction of PCR tests, vaccine passports, and the Bangkok Post was up to this point still fear mongering about C19 and especially the Chinese tourists day after day - and hadn't stopped for 3 years. And the articles about this were on the front pages and the website home page.

But since Dr. Bhakadi's visit there was an ABRUPT u-turn in policy.

The government reversed all the restrictions, and cancelled it all - no PCR tests, no vax passports.

And if you look at the Bangkok Post home webpage there are NO articles about COVID-19.

You have to click on the COVID-Update sticker at the bottom of the page to find articles on it - And when you do there is an absence of fear mongering articles for the last week or so - All the headlines are good news "Virus under control" "Beijing reaches herd immunity" "Covid-19 cases are declining" etc.

This is a MASSIVE change and I put it down to Dr. Bhakdi's impact.

But the government has said NOTHING about Pfizer. Nada. Zip.

And so I suspect that they are going to attempt to sweep it under the rug because sadly due to high public trust, censorship, and propaganda, the majority of people in this country do not understand that there are things terribly wrong about C19.

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Bless Dr. Bhakdi he’s been on it since day 1 .

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Here is the shorter original clip with Dr. Bhakdi discussing the Thailand situation: https://rumble.com/v27ptqa-thailands-princess-collapsed-due-to-a-heart-problem-23-days-after-receiving.html

This is the longer interview between Dr. Bhakdi and Pascal Najadi: https://rumble.com/v2843k2-lawsuit-against-alain-berset-and-recent-decision-regarding-covid-vaccinatio.html

He talks about the Thailand situation around 18:30.

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Feb 3, 2023·edited Feb 3, 2023

Should Thailand reverse its policy re: the jabs, many top officials will likely be exposed by Pfizer for receiving huge bribes. It may require intervention by the King himself provided he too has not been bribed. Huge loss of face involved, which for Asians is utterly devastating. Many top officials may be relations of the King himself. This has the potential to topple entire governments and monarchies.

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I have it on good authority that the princess is either dead or on life support with zero brain activity. They're waiting to announce her death until after holiday season, or possibly until the coming elections around May/June.

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We have this desperate need and hope that we jump at any morsel of perceived good news, only to be disappointed.

There is no way Thailand can take on big pharma. Why not ? Because they control bigger govts.

Initially some had placed their hopes on Putin .....

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I tend to ramble on a bit so I'm going to try to keep this one short.

I for one would not like to be the idiot that lied to such powerful people as royals. ANY royals.

There. Dunnit!

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I've been pitching this "solution" in posts for years. What we need is a serious investigative journalism organization that focusses on all the topics Joel focusses on. It needs to be well-funded, organized, well-marketed and fearless.

I think enough people would respond favorably to maybe change some narratives. It would take $20 million to perhaps change the world and save countless lives.


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I get all excited about all these things, and the sponsors of the videos and articles are always saying things like, "Bombshell! The tide is turning. This is huge! This will change everything...."

Reading comments from Twitter, some people are saying that Thailand officials have already re-stated the cause is bacterial infection. Then a couple weeks ago, the Pfizer exec video is explosive, but the results are the same.

We have to recognize that there has never been a lack of evidence for the truth.

When corruption is this deep it doesn't matter. I think mainstream doctors hold a big key to getting this changed, but most of them are cowardly followers of a corrupt health industry.

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The Thai government has many articles which are still promoting the vaccine, and today's Bangkokbusnews tells everyone to "wait" for another brand of jab number. And then the article goes on to say that they have signed another contract with Pfizer and 20 million doses will be here within the year. The article continues to hype up what the Pfizer vaccine is and keep people on the protocol of public health protection with masks and social distancing. I am looking for Thai news about the government nullifying the Pfizer contract, and there is nothing. I will keep looking.

There are many people here I have talked to with vaccine injuries. But few people want to share. Several young women I know have clots in their menses, and clots in their legs. Quite a number of people I know said they will not get a 3rd jab. Many people are still very afraid of covid and wear masks, however, that are a number of people who had one jab who felt awful and won't get another. There are a small number of people are very against the vaccine and will not get it.

And, as stated by Tom there are many people who have been paid off to promote the Pfizer vaccine here. However, the King is the supreme leader. And if by some miracle he speaks out, every Thai person will follow what he says. No question.

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This is but the tip of the iceberg. Obviously my heart is with all who have felt the effects of this mass atrocity, above all, regardless of their station in life, but especially those who were coerced.

Pfizer knew damn well how unsafe these jabs were, the clinical trials that were crafted for as positive of findings as possible still having shown a higher death rate and worse overall health outcomes in the jab group than the placebo group. The other manufacturers did, too.

How could they possibly have expected this murderous fraud to continue without the wrong people eventually being afflicted, and with no believable excuse? It is as difficult to fathom such hubris as it is to fathom anybody getting away with such a massive atrocity.

Upon finding out the early returns on these jabs, I figured their ultimate positive side-effect would be to cause irreparable damage to the pervasive belief in the safety and effectiveness of vaccination. It took tragedy on a massive scale to bring about the legal abolition of slavery in the US. How much more tragedy on an even more massive global scale must there be to do the same to the massive delusions regarding vaccination? We shall see.

History has shown that once a tipping point is reached, things can turn very quickly. I hope and pray were are near that tipping point, at long last.

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Feb 4, 2023·edited Feb 4, 2023

MUST WATCH - Dr. Thomas Cowan Explains it all https://www.bitchute.com/video/6TgUxtmjUSBs/

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Also Good News article with Dr.Sucharite Bhakdi and Pascale Najasdi . We will win this battle.


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Sorry but Thailand can do nothing. This whole plandemic is run by the DOD and CIA. No one crosses them. They own the Thai government

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Newsflash: The whole Pfizer thing is called a limited hangout, whereby the Deep Stare reveals certain aspects of a truth, but not the entirety. Pfizer is afraid of nothing. They’re orchestrating the whole thing.

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