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The 'Lockdown Files' - What's the Distraction From?

Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine and clinical epidemiologist, talks to Calvin Robinson on GB News

Source: Twitter (worth visiting for the comments).

Almost three years after the UK Government instigated a multi-faceted strategy to scare the UK population literally to death, the truth is being leaked. The edge of mainstream media (Daily Telegraph and GB News) cannot help but publish it.

But what’s the distraction from? Why only now? Again, the subject of midazolam is raised and, of course, the mass mRNA experiment…

The mood remains sober in various groups I’m a member of consisting of scientists and various media types who were brave enough to call this out from the start. They say the reaction from the general public is still not what you should expect with these revelations. Why aren’t people in the streets? The compliant monkeys happily clapped every Thursday evening for the bloated NHS cow. Where’s the outrage at the death and destruction wilfully caused by the incumbent government on a whim?

I say, still give it time. The tide of public opinion continues to only flow in one direction. Within a year, these same media outlets will be obliged to report the truth about the even more sinister aspects referenced by Calvin in the video.

We might not ever get the recognition for ensuring that the truth, the whole truth, ultimately gets out but we’re not doing it for the recognition.

On the other hand, justice must be served. And it will be, when the weight of the evidence is so insurmountable that those higher up the pyramid will have to throw more than just Matty under the bus.

Let’s see which little piggies squeal first.

Dead Man Talking
Dead Man Talking
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