The idea that government even knows what Earth's 'optimum' temperature is pretty far-fetched.

The idea that government can get and keep the planet at that temperature with enough money and power is delusional.

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I’m sick of all these psychopaths.

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Those who noticed the modus operandi of the Covid 19 scam perpetrators, should be aware this is precisely how the CAGW scam was implemented.

First, the scare campaign - based on fraudulent data, graphs and derived predictions. Secondly, an aggressive attack on all dissenters of the narrative, many of whom were the top scientists in the field - de-platforming, de-funding, censoring. Thirdly, the ludicrously over-rated and hopelessly incapable climate models - designed to create an alternate, and fraudulent, 'reality'. Fourthly, pervasive, unrelenting propaganda from the MSM. Fifthly, entrenching the narrative in educational institutions, corporate associations, and political bodies. All the while corrupting historical data, and blatantly lying about the comparative status of current data.

CAGW has been the most pervasive scam ever perpetrated on humanity. The objective has been both the control of, and diminishment of, humanity.

The Covid scam, as egregious as it has been, was nothing more than a sideshow, a support act, to set the stage for the main event, the final solution - 'de-carbonizing' civilization. This, of course, is code for destroying Western civilization as we know it - democracy, civil liberty, free markets, inalienable rights, individual sovereignty.

The sheer number of people that fell into this mass formation is staggering. Made more so by the underlying proposition - that CO2, the foundational nutrient of ALL life on Earth (plant and animal), was actually bad for the planet. Never has greater nonsense been peddled, and believed by so many.

Where to from here? Either people wake up en masse from their psychotic stupor, or CAGW will be the sledge hammer used to demolish life as we know, and treasure it.

In the immortal words of Mark Twain: "It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled."

Don't be a fool for these nefarious tyrants.

Not convinced? See Tony Heller's relentless exposure of the lies of the propagandists on Rumble. It is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Right, the climate has nothing to do with human activity, and CO2 isnt a pollutant, it is essential for life. But the global warming tyrants dont care about the climate anyway, it is about the destruction of our western freedom , way of life and wealth, and replacing it by totalitarian control.

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There should be no doubt that covid was just a temporary timeout from climate change to test a new approach, which, sadly, worked.

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Big funny today. California shut down nuclear and natural gas power plants so is constantly hovering near blackouts. California is also phasing out gas vehicles by 2035.

So what's the headline. Newsome tells people set thermostat to 78', DO NOT CHARGE YOUR ELECTRIC CAR, and shut down large appliances!


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Holy crap! What a compendium! I need to go back and reread this about a dozen times and check out the links in more detail.

Do we have a chance of getting our lives back? It seems pretty bleak with regards the harms and brainwashing done by the usual suspects.

Perhaps now that so many are being wakened up to the BS narrative we’ve been fed over the last 2.5 years on the rona (and the snake oil remedy to the rona), we have a chance for the populace to extract their heads from that place the sun doesn’t shine (and I don’t mean solar panels) and start doing some critical thinking.

If not, we’re screwed.

Thanks for a brilliant essay!

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Absolutely agree with this analysis and thank you for so many useful and informative links. I personally believe the reason for this propaganda and narrative is to control the masses, and as you say maintain a state of alarm - deliberate sabotage.

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Sir David MacKay's book was comprehensive and accurate but when you read it, the tone is of a layout of the requirements for a goal that was achievable. You had to look at the details of the requirements to see that they were totally impossible to implement and that the whole book was actually for a fantasy. Mackay was either unwilling to directly face this impossibility or else pandering to the popular movement to avoid persecution and idiots would use his work to "prove" that an entirely "renewable" energy system was possible for the UK.

This was discussed comprehensively on the (sadly dormant) Euan Mearns site, Energy Matters - http://euanmearns.com/david-mackay-the-final-cut/

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Gosh, where to start? I could easily write an essay just as long in response to this excellent article which only summarises the main points of the climate scam, which has been ongoing since 1979. The Club of Rome were ALWAYS going to blame man's activities for the changing climate, whatever it happened to be doing. Back in the depths of the 1960s and 70s cooling (and the associated media-generated 'ice age' hype), they were preparing to blame industrial aerosols for blocking energy from the sun, thus cooling the planet and driving us perilously close to the 'tipping point' of a new Ice Age. Solution: drastically reduce industrial and transport emissions. The CIA took it seriously enough to publish an analysis of the national security implications of the cooling. Then it warmed very rapidly after the 1976 Pacific Climate Shift and that rapid warming was almost certainly entirely as a result of natural multidecadal climate variability - the rapid warming ended fairly abruptly in 1998 coincident with a huge El Nino. However, they blamed that rapid warming entirely upon man-made 'greenhouse gases'. Solution: drastically reduce industrial and transport emissions. See how it works?

There was a noticeable 'pause' from 1998-2013 which NONE of the climate models predicted and which caused considerable gnashing of teeth in the climate alarmist community. At first, they responded by publishing literally hundreds of 'scientific' papers trying to explain the Pause in the context of the prevailing climate change 'science' paradigm, then they simply erased it from history by updating to 'adjusted' global surface temperature datasets. Problem solved! We're now running out of warming influences from natural multidecadal oscillations plus interacting solar influences. See the excellent series of posts on the Winter Gate Keeper hypothesis at Judith Curry's Climate Etc. blog.

Malign intent - it's definitely been a feature of the Climate and Covid 'crises' from the very beginning. When I was still writing at Cliscep.com, we discussed it there. Not many people at that time were convinced that Covid was anything but a genuine pandemic or at the most just a mass emergent psychotic event. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Malign intent screams at us from the rooftops of the Climate Change and Covid fanatics' headquarters daily. If they don't want us poor/easily controlled/miserable/dead, then they sure are making a very good act of pretending to do so!


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To get a glimpse of just how insane the global warming psychosis is, consider that Canada is a leading proponent. Canada, the country with the coldest climate on the planet.

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Governments are created to represent the interests of the people, not to micromanage their lives for them. Do Not Comply.

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Saw a Tshirt in Portland OR....MAKE NAZI'S DEAD AGAIN.....(smile)

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Outstanding explanation and summary of what is going on, many thanks.

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I assume they'll use the OAP deaths on them unable to turn the central heating on because Putin isn't selling gas – that we stopped producing because a little brown shirted Swedish puppet girl said so.

And definitely not because of the mrna injections, for they are safe and effective... in reducing the tax burden for the City of London Corporation 13 banking families.

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The "green" mandates have led to massive light pollution.

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