PINO (Pandemic In Name Only).

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I made this comment in response to a previous 'stack by someone, maybe even you, Joel, but it bears repeating. There WAS a pandemic. A pandemic is a political designation delivered by the WHO, period. They can declare it whenever they like, assuming some set of guidelines which they also control, and that declaration has repercussions worldwide. What you are stating, and what Denis is stating--and with which I agree wholeheartedly--is that the declaration of "a pandemic" was more about politics and control than about safety and the threat of death due to a "novel" virus. That much is absolute fact. However, and this is something else I said, repeatedly, throughout what I have been calling The Great Covid Dumpster Fire, this was NEVER, EVER, about facts and science. Bureaucrats, many of them the type of evil bastard personified by Dr. Fauci and the CEO of Pfizer, used this opportunity to enrich themselves and increase their power and reach. They took what Bad Cat would call, "the low energy path" and actually reaped benefits from it. CDC made mistake after mistake, and I am sure no one will be called to task for it. People like Hancock in UK are STILL saying they should have been more stringent in their applications of power, e.g., imposing lockdowns. Facts be damned! Unsure if this rant was helpful, but as I so often say, at least it's off my chest.

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And there goes the next collective delusion.

Show me one intensive care clinician who worked with COVID patient and agrees to this.

He is stepping right into the confirmation bias trap.

Has anyone ever considered that the vaccines actually did cause epidemics? Because that's what I see in the data.

The dying began right after the modRNA drugs were produced (March 2020).

THIS is why there is a 14 day delay until someone is considered vaccinated. The drugs turned people into infectious disease spreaders.

We are moving farther and farther from the truth.


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I have completely lost my trust in the medical community. I was seeing a doctor here in Calgary for an upcoming hernia operation. (March 2021.) He was angry at me for not being vaccinated and told me that his daughter was a nurse at one of the local hospitals and that the "body bags were piling up". His nurse then proceeded to grill me as well, and when I told her about Drs. Malone and Vanden Bossche's theories about mass vaccination during a pandemic, she told me that she was no longer interested in talking to me and to wear an N-95 mask.

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Exactly my conclusions having looked at the Scottish data since 2020. No pandemic. All funeral data from the 32 councils shows only 950 more funerals than average in 2020 yet they were reporting 6,000 COVID deaths. All cause mortality increases post jab 2021-2022 and into 2023 excess deaths are now DOUBLE 2021 and TREBLE 2022 rates.

Crimes against humanity !


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I remain convinced that in late 2019/early 2020 there was a circulating virus, at least somewhat novel, that was relatively lethal to those who were in very poor metabolic health (i.e. had months to live, whether they knew it or not).

There most certainly was a PANdemIC, caused by governments' reactions to the virus, abandoning best practices and advocating known ineffective or inappropriate measures.

There most certainly was a PLANdemic, though I am not sure how much of the plan was well-laid pre-2020 and how much was an opportunistic capitalization on the the circulating virus.

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Thank-you for sharing and to all of those who reposted it appreciated. My wish is that more people realized that things are not what they seem. That as a person, you have choices. The National Citizens Inquiry is doing a great job to get the word out. Something that was truly under wraps in Canada, like in many other countries. I appreciate all the empirical (real) data and all the personal stories shared. May the truth be told.

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We need to consider the possibility that these countermeasures/bioweapons are being given to people by the disguise of common flu shots. The authorities have been discovered to be enormous liars about so much that I wouldn't put it past them.

This today from Eugippius is interesting: https://www.eugyppius.com/p/covid-suppressed-influenza-during

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Simple and concise, well done. Just shared on LinkedIn, where C Level execs will excoriate me for my "conspiracist pureblooded psychosis" as their brain fog and myocarditis wipes them out 20 years early.

Hail Victory! And, schadenfreude! I honestly smile, at each quad jabbed obituary!

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Lots of corruption available here. Not in order, but among that corruption is major media control, faulty testing practices, data obfuscation and perhaps worst is Government incentivized treatment protocols designed to sell more toxins and to kill the patients. As stated by Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, faith is the currency of the medical system. Currently that system is broke.

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Such a brilliant essay. This needs to be shared far and wide! Please share, everyone.

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Yes!!!! Brilliant accurate list! I have been particular ranting about number 4 on your list since the beginning and have only found one person before this who agreed.. Now I know two people who agree.

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Hi Joel,

I've been telling you this for three years at least. I'm not the only one.

Next time you'll listen? LOL

Love ya' brother.

PS: All bioweapon talk is BS including Lyme.

On Edit PSS: No such thing as pandemics full stop. All you think you know about Ebola is also pure bullshit.

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I'm no authority on these things, but this matches well with what I was able to cobble together from a variety of sources during the first couple of months or so of the declared "pandemic" in 2020. I knew enough about the immune system to find the "novel virus" claim unbelievable from the start and I began to investigate. I remember coming across a research report that described experiments involving PCR and cycle thresholds (CTs). I already knew about PCR, but not about PCR "tests" and CTs, and oh what a discovery once I understood how PCR was being used.

Once I understood that, I began following the local PCR-based "case" statistics and noticing that there was no epidemic in my county in California, at any time. Just media-inspired hysteria, and all the harm caused by the "lockdown" and school closures.

It took considerably longer to piece together what was happening in the hospitals and care homes, perhaps because it was almost beyond belief. Warning anyone about any of this was nearly impossible, between online censorship and people's gullibility, and my worldview changed for good. I did get through in time to a couple of people close to me.

I realize that most people wouldn't have had the background in biology that I have (high-level only, but enough to see what was happening), and unless they were (left) unemployed, they wouldn't have had the time. I also avoid commercial news media like the plague, and have for years, relying upon alternative sources and not expecting it all to be "free", and I usually recognize gaslighting when I see it. The media gaslighting was over the top and easy to identify, but I had to learn about the full extent of medical gaslighting, another major discovery.

I am semi-retired, working part time still as a consultant, and I paused my work for four months in 2020 to just do research and study relevant topics in biology and other fields. It was apparent that the perpetrators understood the limitations that the general public would have, and leveraged them to full advantage.

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I said much the same thing. My most read post.


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As a humble normal working in person I can only report on what I’ve seen and experienced.

I work in a chippy, here in the U.K. I was classed as an essential worker when lockdown was announced, have to say I was slightly baffled to how takeaway places were classed as essential in the midst of the plague we were about to endure.

Have to say working was better than sitting at home as it gave me an eye view of what was really going on and it didn’t tally with anything being pumped out of the tv 24/7.

I have to say I was honestly sceptical from the word go and within a couple of weeks my suspicions were confirmed by a neighbour who worked on the covid ward at the local hospital.

Being the typical nosey Yorkshire twat I am I wondered out on seal night to see who was stupid enough to fall for the manipulation tactics.I spotted my neighbour and made a beeline for her asking how she was going working with so many seriously ill people.

That night she stood there and confirmed my suspicions in one short sentence.

The daily updates had informed us that even if you had this deadly disease, there was no immunity and you could catch it again, thus sending the public into a panic.

What my neighbour told me contradicted everything they were pumping out to the public. She said they got to see people at their worst and their best when, wait for it… they came back out of icu onto the covid ward to recover before being discharged home.

So there you have it the disease that was promoted as the most deadly infectious disease to man, had hospitals bring the most vulnerable back from icu to either finish them off, or they’d created immunity to it that was told to be none existent.

As someone who was working in a cash only business at the time, serving hundreds of people a week, just like my other eight co workers not one of us caught the lurgy until August of 2021

How could this be?

I’d already said to some of my colleagues pre lockdown, that if it really was that infectious it would have swept through all of us without knowing having so much contact with the public. This would have happened well before they even announced anything, as none of us had been ill, I stated the other option of it not been as infectious as we were told.

Working with the public gives you a huge source of information, all the information I heard ,saw myself through work, friends and family actually highlighted perspectives and perceptions.

I worked, my hubby didn’t, he bought the whole pandemic concept with being held away from viewing the real world, instead he watch the force fed garbage.

I would actually mock and ridicule how brave they all were, potentially sacrificing their health and lives to keep us updated.

I couldn’t stomach watching their downright lies and manipulation, every single one of them needs prosecuting for the harm they’ve caused.

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