This post is almost certainly my swan-song (although I’ve said that before in the past!). Later this year I reach a big round number age and it’s time for me to “retire” properly, helped by fact that the danger of friends and family being pressured into taking the dangerous Covid boosters now seems to be over in the UK.

After almost three years of the plandemic I’ve said all I can say. I’ve been able to use uncompromising language which many are constrained not to use. I’ve linked the Covid scam to the climate change/food shortage scam and the Ukraine war scam. It’s now as plain as day what the globalists and their lapdog lickspittle politicians are trying to do to us, taking us all for fools.

There is no longer the same need for me to be going on about the minutia of their skulduggeries. It’s now down to well-resourced people like DeSantis, RFK Jr, Martin, Callender, Dowd, Fuellmich, Najadi, Bridgen, Cahill, Yeadon, #Together and others to bring high-level action against them.

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It seems to me that the military industrial complex is launching a war on climate change, and that they already have weapons ready to fight this war, including Solar Radiation Management and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection aka spraying nanoparticles into the atmosphere to block sunlight and mitigate global warming. Here's a meme I made about it. https://mellano.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/happy-little-clouds.jpg

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Stunning assessment ! Absolutely nails the lot ! The only thing i'd add is that Scotland's % share of global CO2 emissions as of TODAY is 0.1%. With all industry/cars etc I mean beam me up Scotty ! Thanks for the share Joel. Oh and i've completely gave up emailing MSPs. Things are very bad !


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"Covid" is pure fiction- an artifact of media propaganda. The GoF/Wuhan Lab Leak nonsense is part of the narrative.

The Wuhan guy falling on his face was courtesy of the National Endowment for Democracy- a US intelligence operation.

The Bergamo image of three long rows of lined up coffins that spread like wildfire across the world was taken in a hangar at Lampedusa Airport on October 5, 2013.

The coffins were filled with corpses of African migrants who perished in a shipwreck (the body count was an estimated 360 deaths) off the coast of Lampedusa, an Italian island off the coast of Tunisia.

Dramatic media reports coming out of Northern Italy implanted into and onto the Western psyche the impression that there was a mysterious "super spreading" and “super lethal” novel virus galloping around the world infecting and killing people were all lies.

All excess deaths in Spring 2020 in Italy were from induced mass hysteria, lockdown impacts and mainly medical murder of the already fragile.

The illusion of a viral invasion was required to launch the shock-and-awe phase of the psyop. Italy became that launching pad.

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Thanks for yr great work! Here’s something of mine...

SADNESS— young hearts breaking in a new way, not from love

(make things) BETTER


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I would like to call this post a tour de force in identifying the never-ending stream of horse feces that has been flung our way. However, that description is wholly inadequate. Great stuff! (Rest assured, I'll be posting some of these cartoons via the Blue Bird. Rest equally assured that attribution might be spotty.)

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A nice summary of imposed evil and chaos, thank you.

A one liner could have addressed the manufactured problems and faux-solutions brokering tyranny: a subverted Fourth Estate become Fifth Column against humanity and civilisation.

The climatism narrative has been fuelled and aligned since the mid 90's (I ran my first blog against it @96/97). It was always an unmistakable Trojan horse sprung from the UNEP/Maurice Strong diktat and Agenda 21, the footstool for the UN 2030 'Transformational Agenda'. Crippling and controlling energy is a final goal, along with UN and its appendages crippling unity and controlling humanity, COVID polices now being a central vector, with the destruction of individual, and national identities, the erasure of culture, customs, faith and traditions already well underway.

The one liner I referred to sees a full restoration and adoption of the Canons of Journalism (c.1923).

Were that achieved, within a few short weeks the entire Marxist corporate technofascist edifice from the UNFCCC to the controlling parodies of national governments, police forces, academic institutions, health boards, and the Regressive policies of murder (whether by injections or abortion) would implode. The sole thing propping it all up presently is hubris (and the treacherous Fourth Estate). "The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

Presently, the political, economic and military consequences are revealing themselves. The lie is inexorably breaking down. The truth is showing and more people are becoming aware. A profound shortage of lamp posts and piano wire (light and music) seems likely to emerge eventually?

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We have come to the realization that we can trust nothing especially if it comes from any kind of pretend or assumed authority. I am already past the global warming farce and the fake pandemic. I never watch or listen to the mainstream media. The government is now in the avoid at all costs zone. Everything must be questioned and a mind must be tuned to think for itself.

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I would argue that the only component I find missing in your assessment of the situation is the possible banking/economic crisis that allegedly was happening at the beginning of the plandemic and may have played a significant role in them pulling the trigger on this operation. I can’t explain the crisis due to lack of knowledge on how the economy works and it may be hard to find evidence because I’ve only seen a few writers address it, but my gut tells me it is/was real and significant

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Behind the tyranny is The World Health Organization. Here are songs highlighting their nefarious and insidious policies.

Vaccine passports: Vax passports on the way out? Don’t be so sure. Listen to Turfseer’s mega-hit PASSPORT TO HELL. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/passport-to-hell

Internment camps: No more internment camps for the unvaccinated? Think again! Watch Turfseer’s Music Video THE COMMANDANT. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-commandant

Medical fraud: A song about the fraud of Virology. Listen to THE DISH. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-dish. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-dish

Totalitarianism: 1984 is Here. The famous novel becomes a metaphor for the current dilemma we find ourselves in https://turfseer.substack.com/p/1984-is-here

Censorship: Gaslighting marches on unabated as the odious social media “hired guns” do their dirty work. Listen to Turfseer’s hit song FACT CHECKER. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/fact-checker

Globalist agenda of one world government: Fight the Globalist’s plan for world domination. Listen to Turfseer’s THE GREAT RESET. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-great-reset 333333

Monopoly granted to mainstream medicine: “Doctor” Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton have joined forces to remind us “Trust the Science.” Watch TRUST THE SCIENCE RAG here: https://turfseer.substack.com/p/trust-the-science-rag

BONUS: Free Download. THE ALTERNATIVE COVID-19 NARRATIVE HANDBOOK. A Collection of useful links. Get it here: https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-alternative-covid-narrative-handbook

Subscribe to Turfseer's Newsletter. Songs, music videos and much more.

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Great synthesis of the whole circus. Hard to believe that so many still believe the blatant lies!

Naivety is really an issue for society.

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Just skimming the swan song post was more enlightening than most articles Doug... you are a thing star. I'm not lazy, just busy; in Barra de Navidad writing music about liars. So, I will copy, grab, steal and borrow the best ideas to put to music. Juan Pablo Pacifico Atlantico Sabaracito San Chez da Turd... aka John Paul.

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I got so angry listening to Bill Gates in Edinburgh telling me my cows don't have good genetics and what will help is a dose of the mRNA vaccine. To improve genetics?! I propose a new movement, promoting love matches for cattle. No more shall they have no say in their healthcare, no more arranged marriages for cattle. I mean just because they are cattle doesn't mean they should be treated as such.

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We need a "war" by the People on the Military Industrial Bio-security State.

Which includes the Solar Radiation Management idiocy. The Big Tech & Inject Deadly Consortium. As well as the Bio-weapons creators and endless f'ing War Mongerers.

Big Ag, Big Banks, Corrupt Government Shills masquerading as "Media," as well as the Toxic Corporate Entities spreading their waste and nastiness across the Globe...

Finally, the Government who has vanished from their legitimate responsibilities and instead become the enforcement arm of all of the above needs a through house cleaning with 90% removed or re-educated by those their legal authority comes from, the same PEOPLE that they are sworn to serve and NOT THEMSELVES.

If WE THE PEOPLE do not succeed at picking up this task and triumphing over the challenges at hand, humanity's future looks bleak indeed.

I pray that enough have awoken to succeed. I personally believe enough do understand the situation, I'm only afraid they have been conditioned to believe they are powerless when nothing could be further than the truth.

Seven Percent of Americans fought and won the Revolutionary War, if I remember correctly.

It's food for thought. Just let's get active, EVERYONE!!

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Feb 25, 2023·edited Feb 25, 2023

Not just the govts, pimps and pushers who lied, lie, to us; we do the same to each other. Proof? In my few debates with strangers, they all resorted to lies. When I corrected one, they moved onto the next!

In Dec 2021 I had to correct at least 5 blatant lies told by a female staff of my State politician! I could not believe my ears. It was literally like whacking a lie: I whacked one; she moved onto the next one!

Remember that politicians, to a large degree, merely reflect the mindsets of their electors. Honest people play honestly and demand the same from others - and they get it.

People only lie because they can get away with it.

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