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I love this. We will prevail, these people have reached the end of their usefulness. You know they’ve come full circle when money is no longer an interest but mass murder is their obsession. All of them who attended climate meetings in secret, and the WHO, and all those pushing for medical control of our lives have to be rounded up and stripped of all titles, wealth, and autonomy. Put them in the camps they’ve designed and built for the people. They won’t make it long.

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Thank you for this second installment. Checking out Roguski’s link now.

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Please sign and spread the word:

The Peoples’ Proclamation of Opposition to the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration

We, the undersigned, proclaim our opposition to the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration, as a gross violation of national sovereignty, individual liberty, health freedom, personal privacy, and the right to travel.

The G20 Declaration intends:

- Global digital vaccine passports and digital IDs connected to global digital health networks to travel

- Central Bank Digital Currencies to track and control purchases and behavior

- Escalating internet surveillance and censorship using the pretense of “disinformation”

- Expanding global governance through the Trojan Horse of a Bio-Security apparatus

- “Reforms” in food production and distribution which will harm small farmers and dictate what foods we may eat

We call on all elected officials to take a stand with ‘we the people’ and publicly denounce this latest attempt by global elites to advance their dystopian vision of a techno-feudal state with us as digitally branded subjects.

More here:


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Republicans don’t control the House until January. A lot of damage tends to get passed in December before such transitions. Be alert

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thank Joel. its amazing how its all interconnected...makes one go hmmm.

5G being installed in test cities Wuhan, Lombardy, New York -> World military games in Wuhan -> Event 201 -> China stokes intentional fear by releasing "leaked epidemic videos" -> WHO declares Pandemic and enables large Pandemic derivative contract -> Demonize IVM/HQC -> CV VXX forced on globe -> Passports -> Global ID -> Collapse western currencies through climate change payments, debt implosion -> Global digital currency leading towards Mark of the Beast (as bible predicts)

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But are the TikTok bluescreener brainwashed masses able to wake out of their government supported drug addled stupor to stop it? I seriously wonder.

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I asked you on a previous article why, if you think climate change is a lie, you are the co-founder of a climate change startup, https://www.bgf.world.

Here you go again - sharing content which argues that man-made CO2 production has a minimal effect on climate change, even though your startup specifically deals with CO2 sequestration and offsetting.

You said in reply to my last comment that you're not going to indulge me with the full facts - a pretty transparent deflection. The problem is, there aren't really any "full facts" which could adequately explain this! The options seem to be:

1. You're misleading readers of this blog, and your potential Reform UK constituents

2. You're misleading your other co-founders of BGF World

3. Your co-founders agree with you, and BGF World is misleading its shareholders and its customers

All of these options are pretty bad!

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I don’t want to get involved in your argument with Joel, I’m just curious what you think of my assertion that “Net Zero equates to economic ruin and premeditated mass murder”. If you disagree, I would be interested to hear your reasoning. You should maybe consider the dark origins of the Davos Great Reset: https://www.globalresearch.ca/dark-origins-davos-great-reset/5797113.

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Hi Douglas,

My comment would be that if you truly believe that net zero equates to economic ruin and premeditated mass murder, surely you would be extremely concerned by Joel being the co-founder of a climate change startup? Surely startups such as BGF World are contributing to the financial ruin and murder that you're claiming exists?!

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I specifically said I don’t want to get involved in your argument with Joel, and you have ducked answering my question.

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Dec 4, 2022·edited Dec 4, 2022

You were sealioning - my original comment related to Joel, not your claims.


1. You are saying that those involved in net zero are literally involved in murder

2. Joel is the co-founder of a climate change startup which is aligned with net zero goals: https://twitter.com/makeabetterbgw/status/1456256479946678278

Why would you NOT get involved in this argument? Why wouldn't you want to know if someone is involved in an activity which you are literally describing as murder?

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Excellent question.

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Clear & concise expressions of the pure evil of all those involved from A-Z. Thanks for the post & cross post.

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We need a printing press so these missives can be printed out and distributed to the masses! It's about the only way to reach people who are unaware of what's going on because the msm are useless and that's where most people get their information. Still.

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Spot on. Every word.

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