It would be interesting to have data for the excess Remdesivir and Midazolam doses injected during those periods....

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Are you saying only 2k out of 18k MCOD=U07.1 deaths were actually excess deaths?

Do you happen to have UK data on COVID deaths in pregnancy (O98.5+U07.1)? I'd love to see if the same thing I am observing in Germany and the USA happened in the UK as well. Well, In Germany it's just ICU cases with O98.5 - no deaths - but in the US quite a lot of women started dying "of COVID" in 2021. https://vigilance.pervaers.com/p/maternal-deaths-covid-shots-acog

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So was there a deadly pandemic with safe and effective treatments in December 1989 because I can see a spike!!!!

And only 148 people over 60 died only of Covid?

And I see that Patrick Vallance is busy telling everyone they should never "follow the science" because there is no settled science. Well, if only he'd mentioned that during the pandemic!

Someone needs to kidnap Lady Hallett and force her to read this stuff and keep explaining it to her until she understands because the people she's talking to are not suggesting anything was wrong with anything they all did apart from Boris Johnson who they are going to pin everything onto.

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Yes the vaccines had no effect on saving lives but your numbers are crude deaths, no even population adjusted let alone age adjusted.

When population and age adjusted even 2020 has the same deaths as 2008.


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Socrates would be banned if he was alive today. Still, as we celebrate Thanksgiving, I'm thankful the Socratic Method did spread for a couple thousand years.


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I guess you saw this, Joel. A bit confusing, not quite sure who organises this kind of presentations.

But quite damning for the EMA.


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There's a corrected typo in my opening para that isn't being picked up by the quote insert - the second ICD10 code should be U07 2!

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