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It took me way too long to make anything of the published literature showing flu vaccination does not reduce deaths in the elderly. Why might that be?

The elderly are vulnerable to respiratory illnesses we call colds & flu because their immune systems are poorly responsive to new challenges.

So why would anyone expect the elderly to respond to c19 vaccines?

In addition you cannot acquire long term safety data in a period shorter than the duration of any alleged pandemic. You can’t speed everything up by applying extra resource. You cannot make a baby in one month with nine women.

Vaccination using a novel vaccine could NEVER have been a safe & effective intervention.

The basic design of the “vaccines” was the most dangerous option that could have been chosen: causing recipients to manufacture known to be directly toxic spike protein.

All four lead pharma chose this basic design.

Collusion & malfeasance.

The clinical trials were fraud (see Brook Jackson, Peter Doshi)

The non clinical dossiers are fraud & consequently the regulatory authorisation were fraud (see Sasha Latypova)

The manufacturing QA/QC was fraud (see Hedley Rees).

The batch to batch consistency was all over the place (see www.howbad.info)

It’s not possible to survey this mess, in light of the facts that in many countries there was no excess deaths (eg Germany), knowing that none of the “measures” did anything useful & they knew that in 2019, and that eariy treatments were available from spring 2020, as anything other than a deliberate PsyOp designed to smash everything & inject billions.

No pandemic, no elevated health emergency. Some think there wasn’t even a new virus circulating at all. It’s doesn’t matter now. The above is sufficient for anyone to know this is already the greatest crime in history. And it’s hardly begun.

I’ve not even mentioned PCR, which is where I started on this. I knew it was fraud the moment I saw it. Again, all irrelevant now.

Did you know that the bulk of excess deaths in UK were planned medical murder with midazolam & morphine? (see Stuart Wilkie by Maajid Nawaz). In the US, their planned medical murder was mechanical ventilators & remdesivir. Theee was no classical signature of what we considered respiratory virus illness deaths (see Denis Rancourt by Jerm Warfare).

Given lockdowns were known not to slow transmission (assuming anything to transmit) closing the world must have been authorised by the uber wealthy. Why would they so authorise?

It can’t only be money. These people stand astride the very money creating processes in Central & private banks. No. It’s about totalitarian control. UN2030 sustainable development goals. Personally I believe the perpetrators intend depopulation on a grand scale. I think they see this Act as their destiny. Once you start looking under the rug, I’m afraid all the evidence points this way, 50 years of scene setting & lies. For pandemic planning, see YouTube & Paul Schreyer’s Pandemic Simulations). Climate change uses exactly the sane actors, methods & themes. That’s fraud, too, starting perhaps with Ehrlich’s Population Bomb, Club of Rome, the Iron & Steel Confederation / EU, the international panel on climate change etc.

This is merely Phase I of a long planned demolition of everything that makes modern life tolerable or better. They’re continuing to chop away at electrical generation, gas supply, inflation of everything, destruction of all sovereign currencies, the health, education, police & courts systems, supply chains globally, fertiliser production, food production etc etc etc.

Phase II is beginning. It’s not my crime, but it looks like stripping most of us of our assets is under way.

At some point, it will become expediently necessary to require mandatory digital ID to obtain meagre needs for food, fuel, money & warmth. At that point, freedom & democracy is permanently over, and from then on, if the perpetrators choose to require regular injections to keep your digital pass valid, you’ll do it or you’ll starve. Cash will be withdrawn completely under some pretence.

That’s why I’m of the view that we’ve a short time at most to halt it at least deviate from this trajectory.

I ask again for people to weigh up what others call Yeadon’s Wager.

A. If I’m right and you ignore me, the downsides could be (I’m sure of it) as I’ve outlined. Irreversible. It doesn’t matter if I’m wrong about depopulation. That’s a detail, because permanent loss of freedom makes this a world I don’t plan to live in.

B. If those standing back, hoping I’m wrong, are right, we all get a good laugh at my expense.

Which wager should you take, A or B?

As to what to do, that’s irrelevant until you’re convinced you must act. Virtually no one is there, yet, but it’s why my wife & I dropped everything & tried to get to a place where I hoped they’d fight back. I don’t care where a solid resistance occurs. It’s not about me.

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mike is spot on as always, but i cant even convince my own mother, she just shuts down and refuses to discuss anything. this is a problem i cant see past, how do we wake them?

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We are the great resist and we aren’t going anywhere nor are we going to be owned.

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Dr Yeadon was one of the first amongst team Sanity

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This is why I cannot sleep any more. I know it's true. And I too feel like there is nothing more I can do. My own children rejected every warning I gave. But at least the WHOferWEFers won't enslave my grandchildren because there won't be any.

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People have to have a certain temperament and certain life experience to take all this on board. It is too socially painful for most to allow even the possibility of it. Even when they are themselves dying they will not admit it.

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Most everyone in my family and friends cannot accept the evil wrapping its tentacles around us. Even when they admit things are not looking good, they will not go as far as acknowledging the elite techno takeover. They act as if everything will be fine if we just wait it out. The family that remains blinded on all levels - well, I gave up on them last year. But I am so discouraged that the ones who saw through the propaganda, immediately or eventually, still will not accept the full extent of what is happening. I don’t know what it will take... :(

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You are absolutely right. Our governments are working hard to promote the top down, tyrannical, fascist world they’ve worked so hard on. And it isn’t just governments. It’s corporations, institutions. Effectively we are surrounded, cowed to silence and disbelief. After these past few years it is difficult to believe there is anyone remaining who doesn’t understand what is happening. It is fascism, pure and simple - straight up, no chaser. Those not recognizing the fascist style terror-mongering in Joe Biden’s speech last night are not paying adequate attention. Soon even the USA will resemble the fallen nation of Sri Lanka. The boot is descending fast.

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Made me tear up, that I am reading this and these things seemed to have happened. The life I loved, the country I loved. Seemingly destroyed from within. I can't believe I live in this world

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Hard to believe where we are. Global takeover is happening. I appreciate Dr Mike and what he’s done for us.

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Mike Yeadon's piece is the most succinct summary I have read describing the last 2 years of madness.

I sent my thoughts (see below) to a group of friends literally 15 minutes ago, and providing a link to join the International Liberty Forum (https://thelibertyforum.org/)


The last thing I want to do is spam you. But, I think this is worth me running the risk of pissing you off. Desperate times call for desperate measures and all that.

The WEF, along with other supranational organisations, poses a threat to common sense, to decency, to a future in which our descendants can flourish and live lives free of authoritarian control and censorship. The last two and a half years has changed what I thought I knew about the world; that I could for the most part, trust government, rely on what I read in newspapers, trust health authorities..........yes, I know some of you are picking yourselves up off the floor right now, tears of laughter running down your face.

Yet, I believe that not many of us saw the planned curtailment of our freedoms predicated on obviously made-up "emergencies" coming down the road. The litany of absurdities around covid regulations lifted the veil on these organisations, giving us a sneak preview of their intentions. Now the plans for "new green deals" based on climate alarmism are confirmation of an agenda to impose control on much of the global population. What are these intentions? In a nutshell - to create food stress and fuel shortages. Yes, sounds frighteningly conspiratorial doesn't it? But many sane, intelligent and reasonable individuals, experts in their field, are voicing the very same sentiments despite censorship by big technology and mainstream media. "Common" people lack the public platforms to make an impact. We in the largely unregulated tip of Africa may escape some of this for a period because the 3rd world is to an extent, ungovernable, but if there is no pushback, there is no chance of resisting this tyranny-by-stealth.

So, as one of my friends says, "what to do, what to do?" I don't know exactly. But I do know that doing nothing means an Orwellian future with Klaus Schwab as our galactic overlord. Call me a slacktivist, but a start is to join those who already have a large influence and to bolster their numbers, giving them more influence and visibility. So I am throwing my tiny, insignificant weight behind the International Liberty Forum (see link below) formed specifically to pushback against the WEF. And maybe many many tiny, insignificant voices eventually lead to a significant voice and the ability to stem the tide of unreason.

If you think I'm being a tit, no worries. I hope we can still be friends :-)



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Mike Yeadon was the first person to open my eyes, followed by Reiner Fuellmich. As they both say, once you join all the dots it is impossible to unsee what is going on. Credit to TCW for supporting Dr Yeadon over the last two years, see https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/author/drmikeyeadon/.

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I think it happened with HIV too and then Swine Flu

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It isn't just the famous (or infamous) few like Yeadon, Malone, McCullough, etc who are deeply troubled by events of the last few years. There are, I'm certain, many more scientists and analysts and medics who are similarly concerned. We don't hear so often about those. Up until early last year I was an associate professor of physics at a university and most of my colleagues both in physics and other departments expressed some level of concern, with some being extremely concerned indeed.

I've struggled over the last couple of years to make proper sense of it all, and I can't. I can't find any "innocent" explanation of the decisions and policies of governments and the actions of the media and Big Tech companies.

This worries me because I'm not at all a so-called "conspiratorial thinker" and so I oscillate between the view that I'm simply missing something, or have misunderstood something, and the view that there is a darker subtext and some other agenda at play.

I've tried to develop some of my thoughts on this, and other issues, in my substack over the last year and I haven't been able to come to any comfortable answer. I can't say for definite that there is some nefarious hidden purpose to it all, but it sure looks that way, and as Mike Yeadon suggests here, it is certainly one hypothesis that seems to be a better fit to the facts than many others.

My substack tries to take an irreverent, and I hope humorous, look at things in a simple way, because many others including the wonderful Joel himself can do the full-on technical data analysis much better than I. Even taking this simpler 'big picture' approach is more than enough to expose some of the issues. But I still haven't found a neat coherent way of putting all this together in a way that would convince the "average" person. There are too many strands - and it's easy to generate a (very) long list of some very serious questions for which I have no complete answer.

As just one example take the "28 days" rule - where death, for any reason, within 28 days of a positive covid test was listed as a covid fatality. I'm a scientist. I have a passion and love for the whole edifice of science - and yet this single bizarre "rule" is one of the most egregious anti-scientific things I've ever witnessed. I can't even begin to plumb the profound depths of stupidity it represents from a scientific perspective. Especially when you consider the claim of a "novel" virus for which, one might suppose, accurate data collection ought to have been a top priority.

It's clear it was a deliberate, not accidental or incompetent, play to inflate the figures. Why would they do this? It is of no scientific benefit. Indeed I would suggest it's of a negative benefit from a science perspective. It hampers our understanding. Why would a government want to convince you the virus is more deadly than it is? Why would they want you to be afraid of a virus you don't actually need to be all that afraid of? Why would they cripple our efforts to properly understand its characteristics and progression?

This is just one question of so very many similar questions. Another might be: why do they not, despite repeated requests, release the full (anonymised) data set regarding the vaccines and health outcomes? There is no 'innocent' explanation for this at all.

The attack on science, and the scientific method, that I've witnessed over the last couple of years is beyond my capacity to comprehend - except by adopting hypotheses not too dissimilar from the one suggested in this article.

I have very serious concerns for a future in which covid merely represents Phase 1, as far as I can tell. This coming Winter is likely to be a time of very, very serious discontent with a high possibility of violence breaking out across Europe - and what do you think the response of governments will be to that? I am very worried indeed.

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It is not the blind belief in government agencies that astonished me, it’s the cognitive dissonance, that boggles my mind. A good friend of mine is a doctor who administers Moderna shots, who asked me about my concerns, and I challenged her to name any RNA viral vaccine, EVER? She looked at be, half angry and half indignant, but could not answer the question, and asked me if I am saying that the government is killing us. A total cop-out and change of subject. Don’t you think her scientific curiosity would have come out and we could have had a rational debate? No. She shut be down. I persisted and asked where the HIV vaccine is for the past 40 years? No answer. I asked how a virus with the highest mutation rate could ever have an effective vaccine? No answer. Why are we still using the Wuhan strain for omicron? No answer. What this tells me is that this is no longer a scientific or even rational debate, it is a religious confirmation of tribal status. Either you are with us or against us?

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Scary that we seem to be living the Book of the Apocalypse. Things are just as dire in the Catholic Church. That tells you something.

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