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Europe Deaths March

Is the UK Hiding the True Magnitude of Fatal Harm Caused by the mRNA Experiment?

"The Worst Possible Thing You Could Do..."

Safe and Effective™? 25,000 surveys dead or alive and two questions that prove or disprove the COVID vax narrative, Conclusively.

The dam is breaking...

Safe and Effective™

When COVID conspiracies become facts.

Causes of Death in England, 2014 to 2022

Put up or shut up!

Is the COVID vaccine Safe or Effective?

A Warning for the Vaccinated from Twenty Odd Years Ago

A Xmas Present for my Fellow Data Warriors!

Philanthropath Bill Gates Has Just Planned His Next Pandemic - "Catastrophic Contagion"

Now the irresponsible MHRA seems to be covering up suspected child vaccine deaths

The Pile on Fauci Continues

Elon Musk Did Not Die in a Car Accident

We flattened the curve!

Leaked Video from the WEF Global Leaders Forum

Another Important Message for Future Generations!

An Important Message for Future Generations!

Issues with Mortality Analyses when the Data is Incomplete.

Hugh McCarthy in discussion with Randall Bock, MD about the destructive COVID policies enacted upon society, especially against children.

Why there won't be a Nuremberg Trial for the perpetrators of the COVID genocide.

Public Inquiry into the approval process for covid-19 vaccines

Why do people take part in the mRNA experiment?

Why the "unvaccinated" are wise to keep their distance from the (newly?) "vaccinated".

First degree premeditated mass murder crimes against humanity and genocide - Conclusion

First degree premeditated mass murder crimes against humanity and genocide - Part II

First degree premeditated mass murder crimes against humanity and genocide - Part I

Deaths of Under 65s in America

Fully Boosted Bill Clinton Announces He's Got COVID.

COVID-19: My Final Hypothesis

Further investigation into the nature of COVID and how fatal it is on its own.

Iatrogenesis in England & Wales

Why the puppets in Clown World Want an Amnesty

Did the COVID Virus Itself Kill Anyone?

Credentials for me but not for thee!

COVID Deaths, 5 to 24 Year Olds, England

The saddest thing about the whole COVID pandemic

Detailed Assessment of the Impact of the COVID "Vaccine" on Mortality in New York City.

The three most plausible reasons for all the excess deaths in England during the COVID era.

#CONNED: The Top FIVE Climate Change LIES

Did the COVID-19 "Vaccine" Protect Healthcare Workers from Death?

Random Twitter Guy vs the British Propaganda Corporation

In Australia, Senator Gerard Rennick tears shreds off Brendan Murphy (Secretary of the Health Department) and Paul Kelly (CMO)

Palau - a COVID Success Story


Don’t trust me, I’m a doctor

Meanwhile in Clownworld

COVID-19 in Norway

Covid: “vaccination victims” file criminal charges against Swissmedic and doctors

Did Hungary's preference for Sinopharm (China) and Sputnik (Russia) COVID "vaccines" avoid thousands of deaths?

Government Reports & Pfizer Documents prove COVID Vaccination is causing Mass Depopulation, Infertility, Cancer & Immune System Degradation

Piers Continues to Backtrack and Attempt to Justify his Previous Ignorance

Prof. Norman puts the UK Statistics Regulator on Notice for Allowing Flawed Statistical Analysis to Influence Public Health Policy

Another Definitive Guide to Excess Death During the COVID Era

Four Society "types"

The Powers That Be who rule our lives are inveterate liars

An estimate of deaths of 65+ year olds in England reduced or caused by the government's response to COVID

You get what you vote for!

An estimate of deaths of 65 to 79 year olds in England reduced or caused by the government's response to COVID

A glimmer of integrity returns to the English GP network

The Definitive Guide to Excess Death During the COVID Era

No Lives Matter - Verdict

Excess Deaths in South Korea are substantially higher since the introduction of the mRNA experiment

Excess Deaths in Australia are substantially higher since the introduction of the mRNA experiment

Excess Deaths in South Africa are substantially higher since the introduction of the mRNA experiment

Excess Deaths in Germany are substantially higher since the introduction of the mRNA experiment

Excess Deaths in the USA are substantially higher since the introduction of the mRNA experiment

Philosophy of my COVID Journalism

Excess Deaths in Sweden and England

Excess Deaths are Much Higher Since the COVID "Vaccine" was Introduced - England

No Lives Matter

The UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency Won't Release Public Health Information

A new chapter!

Dead Down Under

Lawsuit filed against ECOHEALTH ALLIANCE, DASZAK & BARIC for creating COVID-19 in a lab.

New approach for evaluating evidence in a pandemic: The Totality of Evidence Wheel

Deaths in London

If Unilever Did Vaccines

UK Govt Ignores the Electorate and Declines an Inquiry into COVID Vaccine Safety

The Road to Fascism

Lockdowns Turned an Average Flu into a Public Health Catastrophe

Thank you, fellow citizens!

A Highly Effective Placebo

Soaring Deaths of Even Younger Americans.

Soaring Deaths of Young Americans.

Young Texans are Dying at Unprecedented Rates Since the mRNA Experiment Began.

Your children are next. You didn't heed our warning.

Dr Rachel Clarke - welcome to the COVID Hall of Shame

Public Health Scotland declares no link between COVID jab and neonatal deaths.

COVID Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for under 70s confirmed at 0.1%.


The unvaccinated in NSW simply aren't dying enough.

Why do we bother?

So, just how inflated is the vaxxed number?


Piers Morgan and a feeble attempt at pretending he's smart but the facts changed.

However they spin it the ONS estimate of only 8% adults unvaccinated compromises their conclusions on vaccine safety.


67,000 English People Died Unnecessarily Due to the Government's Poor COVID Response.

Apologise, Reinstate, Compensate the 40,000 Care Workers Forced Out by Covid Jab Mandate

Hey Normies, can you see it yet?

One Brave Headmaster

Evidence of Incorrect Vaccination Records

Who are the modern-day Frances Kelseys?

The FDA Misled the Public About Ivermectin and Should Be Accountable in Court

Is the truth about vaccine harm so obvious now that mainstream media can no longer deny it?

Shoppers Drug Mart in Saskatoon doesn't do vaccination walk ins... or walk outs.

Our persistence will pay off.

COVID outcomes in the unvaccinated are positively affected by supplementing with Vitamins C and D, Zinc, Quercetin, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

Further submission to the COVID chronicles.

Proof of Gato's Postulate

The Great Unvaxxed – Lies, Damned Lies and the BBC

A picture of...

It's still a pandemic *BECAUSE* of the vaccinated.

PayPal cancels organisation protecting children from harm.

England vs Sweden Excess Deaths Under 60s

England vs Sweden Excess Deaths v.2

Debanked for your views?

England vs Sweden Excess Deaths

Why are we vaccinating children?


The Biggest COVID Lie.

Is there a depopulation agenda in South Korea?

Why are there so many more East German COVID-associated deaths than West German?

‘Unethical’ and up to 98 Times Worse Than the Disease


Does reducing the mobility of healthy people help to mitigate the impact of an airborne virus?

Deaths of Young and Middle-Aged American Adults were up to DOUBLE the Expected Rate Last Summer

The Power We Have

First day (back) at school

Further evidence of mRNA injections associated with both COVID deaths and excess non-COVID deaths.

Top UK politician blows the whistle on who has been controlling the country since the start of COVID.

🚨🚨Newsflash - scientists have found a cheap, safe and effective treatment for COVID!🚨🚨

How should pregnant and breastfeeding women be treated as part of the mass mRNA experiment?

An important message from Dr Mike Yeadon

Estimating the number of deaths caused by the natural virus vs the interventions vs the mRNA experiment.

The elderly aren't dying quickly enough.

Young Americans are Dying at Unprecedented Rates since 2021

What is really going on? A New System of Slavery and Control.

The Other Big Con - Net Zero Climate Change.

Death in Europe, All Ages and Children - 2017 to 2022

More on money and therapeutic communities.

Are you ready for the revolution?

When did COVID really first hit the UK?

A lesson in using mortality data to properly inform public health policy (England Mortality, 2014 to 2022)

Will another 2 million+ vax believers wake up?

All-cause deaths by date of occurrence, age and sex, England, 2014 - 2022

What was rebranded as “COVID” has always just been a variation of Influenza-Like-Illness (ILI).

Excess mortality analysis, Germany, 2020 to 2022.

Therapeutic Communities

Follow-up open letter to my MP, complicit by his silence.

NHS, what's the plan?

Everything you wanted to know about masks and COVID and were not too afraid to ask.

No more COVID vaccines for children in Denmark.

Past precedent of using experimental vaccinations for sterilization and a solution for living in peace, harmony and abundance.

Impact of COVID Vaccination on COVID Hospitalisations in the USA.

Cumulative Number of Case Reports Reported to Pfizer for BNT162B2 (COVID Vaccine)

Did the NSW Chief Health Officer lie to the media to hide the terrible truth about Adriana's shocking death?

Heart Failure Diagnostic Clinic Referrals - Liverpool University Hospitals

Testimonies from COVID jab injured

COVID-Period Mass Vaccination Campaign and Public Health Disaster in the USA From age/state-resolved all-cause mortality by time, age-resolved vaccine delivery by time, and socio-geo-economic data.

Japanese Surgeon Calls for Suspension of COVID Boosters

Why is it so difficult to get the pro-narrative camp, like "Debunk the Funk Dr Wilson", to engage in civilised debate?

COVID Vaccine Deaths of Children Reported to VAERS.

Email to Human Rights Watch regarding the atrocities committed by governments against their citizens.

Dr Richard Fleming testifies about SARS-CoV-2 (COVID).

Deaths of Under 65s in the USA, 2020-21

We talked about Midazolam.

Scientific proof that the mRNA causes cancer.

An open letter to my MP, culpable by commission and omission.

We need to talk about Midazolam.

I'm on the radio.

‘Excess death patterns point to covid jabs’ in Scotland.

How the "vaccinated" produce variants, why they suffer repeat infections with SARS-CoV-2, and progress to COVID disease more often than the "unvaccinated".

COVID in Mongolia

New South Wales, Australia COVID update proves the pandemic of the vaccinated.

Blockchain Debate

COVID Pressure on the National Health Service of Scotland.

Israel is suffering worse COVID than Palestine due to its higher vaccination rate.

Letter from an NHS Whistleblower to NHS England regarding phase 5 of COVID "vaccinations".

Athletes Collapsing and Dying

Twitter Strikes Again!

The Fögen Effect

Healthcare: The Future

21st Century crimes against humanity by Doug Brodie

PANDA Open Science Session - Analysis of Massachusetts Death Certificate Data 2015 to 2022

Why don't the vaccines work?

England Mortality Survey

Higher COVID-19 mRNA injections "vax" are associated with lower excess death rates.

What's next in the fight against the globalists?

Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass - Draw Results

A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation by Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass

Simple Summary of Mortality in South Africa During the COVID Era.

21st Century crimes against humanity

COVID-19 - What caused the winter wave to be as severe as the original spring epidemic?

An important milestone

Dr Peter McCullough testifies before the Texas Senate, June 2022

COVID-19 - Was the “cure” worse than the disease?

COVID-19 - Where was the Public Health Emergency?

Air Canada thinks you pose a greater threat without your mask than off the plane without your luggage.

Another permanent Twitter suspension

Swan song

Estimation of the deaths caused by the UK government's response to the COVID epidemic.

Bill Gates is a liar

Why did the US military retrospectively change 5 years of health data and then try to cover it up with a database migration?

The Big COVID Lie - Debunked

Sweden - villain to hero!

Italy - you also know how this story goes...

Austria - you know how the story goes...

Death in Ireland 2020 to 2022

Open letter to Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota.

Weird patterns of death across the Canadian provinces.

Open letter to Governor Eric J. Holcolm of Indiana.

Open letter to Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee.

Open letter to Governor Greg Abbott of Texas.

An important message for Governor Ron DeSantis.

California shows the same pattern as Alabama.

Life Years Lost and COVID Vaccine Doses Administered.

Death in Chile - a familiar tale of a country fighting a not-so-deadly virus with a deadly vaccine.

South Korea - (not) funny joke.

Australia begins to reap what it has sown. It's grim.

🚨🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨🚨 - 87% of Twitter users (n = 31,093) know more about public health than Health Canada and PHAC.

Yet another Twitter suspension...

Deaths in English Care Homes Since Aug 2020.

Do the COVID-19 injectables (aka "vaccines") reduce COVID-19 hospitalisations? ***Corrected

Do the COVID-19 injectables (aka "vaccines") reduce COVID-19 hospitalisations?

Let it rip!

Early warning signals of vax-induced COVID were ignored.

England Mortality Survey

Estimating the Under-reporting Factor (URF) of the European ADR Database for COVID Vaccines

Pandemic of cardiac and respiratory arrests.

US Mortality Pre- and Post- Vaccine.

How the government abuses the general public - follow up

Analysis of COVID Deaths by Country Income (Addendum)

Analysis of COVID Deaths by Country Income Levels

Denmark Pandemic of the Vaccinated

ONS manipulating the numbers AGAIN??

Excess Death in Europe 2020 and 2021

How the government abuses the general public

We really do need to talk about Sweden

87% increase in appointments to heart failure clinic

Correlation Between Mask Compliance and COVID-19 Outcomes in Europe.

Talk About Bad Timing!

COVID Requiem Aeternam

Referrals to Heart Failure Diagnostic Clinic

Informed Consent

Airline safety

Life-Years Lost, USA Edition

Another Twitter suspension.

Cumulative Excess Life Years Lost 2020 to 2022, England & Wales

A selection of clinical research and expert opinion on the effectiveness of wearing masks to protect against coronavirus.

COVID-19 in Indonesia - a familiar story...

The True Mortality Cost of COVID and COVID Interventions

Excess Mortality in Germany 2020-2021

Coquin de Chien

The dead are shouting. The govt and public health are not listening.

Letter from an NHS whistleblower to the NHS Director of Health and Chief Medical Officer of England, regarding COVID-19 vaccination and mandates.

Live Stream Tonight, 9pm GMT

The entire New Zealand mortality story in one chart

A Letter to Andrew Hill | Dr Tess Lawrie | Oracle Films

The Science™ vs science - evidence from the Northern Mariana Islands

The Definitive Guide to COVID and COVID vaccine deaths.

The cure is worse than the disease

Reproductive health risks post COVID vaccination - post script.

COVID-19 vaccine causes severe reproductive issues

Insights from In Memoriam Burnley FC

Lessons from History - Austria

Sweden, Damn Sweden!

Twitter doesn't want you to see this.

Israel vs Palestine. Does COVID Vaccination Reduce COVID Mortality?

Breaking the silence

How the general public was kept in the dark over Covid.

Pandemic of the Vaccinated in Germany? Part II.

The crooked COVID narrative in THREE slides

Pandemic of the Vaccinated in Germany? Part I.

COVID Vaccination is Making a Crisis for the NHS due to Staff Absences

ICYMI - Confidential Pfizer Trial Report obtained by Strong and Free Canada shows over 1,000 deaths in the first 3 months.

Deaths in Norway

Prime Democide in the USA

COVID-19 in Ireland

Empirical Proof of COVID outbreaks caused by mass vaccination

COVID Cases in America during summer and early autumn

Alberta has been fiddling again, revealing more useful information

North vs South Dakota

Empirical Testing of Epidemiological Models and Interventions

ICU Admissions by COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Alberta just inadvertently confessed to fiddling the COVID vaccination stats.

COVID vaccines kill more people than they save.



The true history of COVID in Scotland according to age-standardised mortality rates.

Young German Men Dying in Vain

Is the COVID vaccine killing more than COVID?

10-Year History of Death in Norway

The COVID "cure" is worse than the disease.

Hugging your gran didn't kill her but getting vaccinated probably did.

Potential Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms reported through NHS Pathways and 111 online (England)

COVID-19 in the USA

Hospitalisations by COVID-19 vaccination status